nintendo switch 1
nintendo switch 1

It looks like Nintendo is finally ready to launch an updated version of the Switch handheld console that has so far been the subject of rumors and speculation. According to a Bloomberg Report, the upcoming console could be announced before the E3 conference in June while the assembly of the device begins a month later.

The original Switch will gradually be phased out while the Switch Lite continues to be sold

The report adds that the updated Switch console will be released sometime in September or October. After its debut, the original Nintendo Switch will gradually be phased out, while the cheaper Lite model will continue to be on shelves for the foreseeable future. Interestingly, the device was also mentioned in a Universal Display Corporation profit announcement earlier this year.

Nintendo’s upcoming console will feature a larger 7-inch display from Samsung. For comparison: the existing Switch console has a 6.2-inch LCD display with HD resolution. More importantly, this will be an OLED panel that will ensure better color contrast, deeper blacks, and improved viewing angles. The upcoming console will also support 4K when connected to a TV by putting it in docking mode.

Nintendo docking mode
The upcoming Nintendo Switch update will support 4K output when put into docking mode.

At its heart will be an NVIDIA graphics engine that supports the chip manufacturer’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology. This AI-based solution is used to increase frame rates and upscaling to ensure gamers can get a high FPS even at peak resolutions. Previous reports have indicated the presence of AMD silicon inside the device.

It will cost more than $ 299

It’s unclear how much the upcoming switch update will cost, however Nintendo plans to sell it at a premium compared to the $ 299 price of the original Switch. Additionally, despite the more expensive internals, suppliers are reportedly expecting higher profit per unit from the upcoming handheld console.

Nintendo’s suppliers are reportedly confident they can deliver on the company’s orders despite the global semiconductor shortage affecting every segment from personal computers to smartphones to automobiles. But given the scarcity of the existing Switch console in recent quarters fueled by its high adoption rate during the pandemic, it won’t be a breeze for potential buyers to grab the updated model once it is released later this year.

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