New speed tests suggest Verizons 5G and 4G LTE user experiences are extremely similar
New speed tests suggest Verizons 5G and 4G LTE user experiences are extremely similar

New speed tests suggest that the Verizon 5G and 4G LTE user experiences are “extremely similar”

Countless reports have been viewed the differences between 5G speeds and coverage from the largest US carriers since we talked about 4G LTE in the past tense, however Tutela’s latest analysis focuses on something that seems to be receiving far less attention.

From network researchers and analysis companies, because we’re pretty sure that everyday consumers have been asking themselves for about a year whether the upgrade from a 4G LTE-only to a 5G-capable smartphone is really worthwhile.

5G is the new 4G

In short, the answer seems to be “not really”, at least for now and so far Verizon customers are concerned. As some of you may already know, Big Red currently offers two completely different flavors of 5G connectivity, but only one of which is really accessible to the masses.

In principle, Verizon can continue to rely on the 4G LTE component of its nationwide cellular infrastructure to keep the competition at bay for a short period of time. On the not-so-good side of things, these types of reports are unlikely to help the nation’s leading operator grow its 5G subscriber base, though all these great promotions from the past few months have been aimed at doing just that.
In a nutshell, Tutela’s conclusion based on the latest speed tests is that there is little incentive for Verizon’s 4G LTE users to access the 5G train … at the moment. That’s because both 5G-enabled and non-5G-enabled mobile devices are currently receiving “excellent consistent quality” most of the time in 10 “urban areas with mature 5G implementation”.

There is a silver lining … and a bright future ahead

Both overall user experience and average download speeds are considered “extremely similar” between 4G LTE and 5G (DSS) technologies, which is definitely something to consider before opting for any of the The Best Verizon Phone Deals To Choose Now If You Are Looking For A New Handset.

By then, Tutela has discovered an advantage many of Verizon’s 5G customers are already enjoying compared to their 4G-restricted counterparts. This is because speeds seem to stay faster for longer periods of time if the network is congested when you’re using one the best 5G phones on the market.
Traffic jams usually occur during the week from 7pm to 11pm, at least According to the mobile operator’s own website, it is far better possible to see download speeds below the 1.5 Mbps threshold on a 4G LTE device only.


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