New curriculum for educators to teach Android app development

Written by Kat Kuan, Developer Attorney, Android

We strive to make Android development content accessible to everyone so that anyone can become an Android developer. Over the years, millions of students at all levels have consumed our learning content and worked through courses and code labs to improve their skills. We keep updating and releasing new content as the ever-changing industry evolves.

As the demand for skilled Android developers in the job market increases, there is an even greater need for educators to train the next generation of Android developers. That is why we created these resources to support and empower educators.

New Android development with a curriculum led by Kotlin teachers

Today we announce the launch of our new curriculum for Android development with Kotlin. This is intended for classroom learning (virtual or in-person) where an instructor lectures on key Android concepts and students get hands-on exercises through Codelabs. The official course materials are now available and can be modified by teachers for free to suit the needs of their students.

This is an important update to the curriculum that we released in 2018. The updates take into account the latest changes in the Android platform, from the release of the Android Jetpack libraries to Android development being Kotlin-first. The Kotlin programming language helps developers become more productive, with more precise syntax and improved code security. Over 60% of professional Android developers are already using Kotlin and it is the Google recommended programming language for new developers creating Android apps. While instructors do not need Android or Kotlin experience to teach the curriculum, prior programming experience is recommended.

We have worked with universities and qualification partners in India such as Shivaji University, IK Gujral Punjab Technical University, Chandigarh University, Ganpat University, Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK) and Information and Communication Technology Academy Collaborated by Kerala Some of the first to offer this curriculum to their students this spring. Further universities will follow in autumn and in the coming semesters. Now that the curriculum is publicly available, educators can start teaching Android development.

“Since it is mostly a hands-on course, students learn implementations to help them with their mobile app company internships.” -DR. Kavita S. Oza, Shivaji University

The content of Android Study Jams is now available to all developers

Outside of a formal classroom, peer group learning has also proven to be an effective way to learn Android. For this reason, today we are also making the Android Study Jams program available to all developers. Android Study Jams allows a group of people to come together and learn Android development through hands-on code labs in an online curriculum. No instructor is required for the lecture. However, it is recommended to have a moderator to organize the group meetings. No programming experience is required to get started. Over 38,000 students in Google Developer Student Clubs around the world have already participated in this program.

“Introducing people in Kotlin and being by their side in this first step that could touch their lives has given us great happiness and excitement.” – Ceren Tunay and Serkan Alc, Developer Student Club Turkey

With many learning paths, it’s always interesting to see the various journeys made by students who become Android developers, and it’s exciting to see the resulting personal success, innovative apps, and entrepreneurial pursuits they have. The following video shows two developers and how learning Android development shaped their careers.

For more information on these new offerings, see Android Educational Resources.

For independent learners, we also offer self-paced learning content, Udacity courses and nanodegrees, YouTube videos, and other resources at Keep us posted on how your learning journey is going!

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