Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could have an even better hinge


A future of foldable smartphones has always been faintly visible on the horizon, and companies have pissed us off with inspiring opportunities – but they never got it right enough to enter the mainstream marketplace.

The Surface Duo was fine

The device was released in the US last September, a revolutionary little device that lasted even through troubled times breaking ports, very problematic software and faulty hinges – exactly what made it revolutionary. However, it has worked on itself (at least in terms of software) and lives on, with a lot of people liking the quirky design.
Although the Surface Duo is still a relatively new product and was only recently available in Canada and select European countries, the Microsoft team is said to have kept their hands busy improving technology for foldable phones. We have reason to believe they are working on a successor. maybe a Surface Duo 2 that may be out in the fall.
Sources recently claimed that Surface Duo 2 development began well before the first was released last year, with the company mainly focused on vastly improved software.

The first Surface Duo runs on adapted Android, with certain important apps being optimized specifically for dual-screen functionality (Microsoft apps, Spotify and a few others). However, it suffered from serious errors, negligence, and general instability. Microsoft wants to fix all of that with the Surface Duo 2.

Aside from better software, the new foldable phone is also said to have a faster processor, improved camera, and 5G capabilities.

Surface Duo 2’s revolutionary hinge just got better

But there is more. A strange patent last Thursday covered by WindowsUnited, was published for Microsoft (although the application was published back in August) and describes an “impact-resistant hinge” with a protective bumper that the patent seeks specifically for a foldable phone. Since Microsoft only has one of these, it makes sense to expect the technology to be used on a new and improved Surface Duo 2.0 soon.

It sounds like we have an even more stable, drop-proof hinge, and maybe the hinge issues that many owners of the first model reported won’t appear.

The Surface Duo’s revolutionary 360-degree mechanical hinge was what made Microsoft’s foldable phone so popular in the first place, though it certainly had to work on its durability. Now, if both the hardware and software issues that have kept customer confidence down (and the obscene $ 1400 price tag may have dropped) are fixed, a new and improved Surface Duo 2 could surely catch on.

The Surface Duo 2, which is currently codenamed “Zeta”, could appear as early as fall this year. Although it will likely only be available in the US for the first few months, like the first (sorry, Europe and Canada).

Microsoft is planning to have has proven to be volatile in the past – with the first Surface Duo announced back in 2019 but taking up its sweet time – we have to absorb those rumors with a grain of salt. But who knows, we’ve got a huge range of foldable phones this year, and Microsoft might just want to stay in the competition.

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