Microsoft announces plans to manufacture Xbox Series X mini-fridges


On April 2, Microsoft defeated Xbox Skittles in the final round of Twitter’s first # BraestOfTweets Brand Bracket contest. Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg tweeted a promise the day before that Microsoft would produce Xbox Series X mini-fridges if it won an Xbox. In fact, Greenberg has confirmed that the company will make Xbox Series X mini-fridges.Xbox refrigerator

Xbox’s promise for the Xbox Series X mini-fridges came on April 1, and many could have considered it a joke on a day devoted to such tricks. Even so, Greenberg specifically tweeted that this was no joke, so we should be expecting the Xbox Mini refrigerators from Microsoft soon. Greenberg had said in a tweet after the victory shortly after the results were announced that “we will keep our promise to make these Xbox Series X mini-fridges” and Skittles will receive the first unit of these mini-fridges.

Microsoft first introduced the Xbox Series X refrigerator last year. Based on comparisons, the Xbox Series X console looked like a refrigerator. The Xbox Series X refrigerators were freebies and were not sold in the open market. It seems that the concept still appeals to a wide range of followers. Hence, Greenberg’s promise could have swayed the votes in favor of Xbox to win the Twitter branding contest.

There are still some gaps in the project to make the Xbox Series X mini-fridges, however, as Microsoft doesn’t have to give us detailed information on the manufacturing history for the fridges yet, although it is early days at this point. Production could start this year and we don’t yet know what quantities to produce and if you can buy one when it finally comes out. We will keep you informed when additional information is obtained from Microsoft.


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