Men improvise MagSafe compatible fishing rod to pull 5G iPhone 12 Pro out of a canal
Men improvise MagSafe compatible fishing rod to pull 5G iPhone 12 Pro out of a canal

In Berlin, and Apple iPhone 12 Pro users discovered a new use for the MagSafe line of accessories. Instead of using the strong magnets inside iPhone 12 series to attach a charger, wallet or other accessory to the back, this gentleman used it to fish for the iPhone 12 Pro that his friend dropped in a Berlin canal. The story was told via Twitter by Frederik Riedel, an app developer and a friend of the man with the butterfingers who dropped his phone in the muddy canal.
First, Riedel’s friend waded through ten feet of muddy water and found a Nintendo Switch. This is a great device for fans of Pokemon, Mario, and Animal Crossing, but it’s not an iPhone. So Riedel and friends improvised a fishing rod with a magnet on the end of the line, dropped it into the channel, and attached themselves to the iPhone 12 Pro to create the taut line needed to pull the device out of the channel.

The local time was 3 a.m. when the iPhone 12 Pro was dragged to the surface, and not only did it work perfectly, the battery was almost fully charged despite being in the sewer for hours. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, was no longer functional, although, to be fair, we have no idea how long this device was underwater.

We told you about it back in March an iPhone 11 that was still on after spending six months on the bottom of a British Columbia lake. A diver spotted the phone, picked it up, and called the owner to tell her that her iPhone was found. Fatemeh Ghodsi, reunited with her iPhone, said, “I was completely shocked at first … it was like a zombie phone came back to me because I was completely at peace with it being gone.”


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