Galaxy S21 Ultra review
Galaxy S21 Ultra review

Of course, the official news starts today with offers. is packed with shopping guides and Mother’s Day offers that you may still be able to use on time. Let’s start with Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro, which is currently at an all-time low. We’ve never seen it at a $ 200 discount on Amazon to date, so the 512 Gigs memory model shipped for $ 1300. This is pretty similar to buying the base model with double storage. At B&H they get the Apple Watch Series 6 for 50 US dollars, the GPS version for 449 or the LTE version for 100 US dollars and 599 US dollars. Back on Amazon, they are currently running a Mother’s Day sale on their speakers, as was the case with the new Echo Dot, which costs $ 35 less and stays at $ 40. The Echo Show 5 is available at half price and costs $ 60 with a Blink mini camera. I swear these surveillance cameras are the best bang for the buck. You can also buy a Fire Stick Lite for just $ 25. We have more deals on other Apple products, Samsung monitors, and more in the description.

    13-inch MacBook Pro
    Samsung 27-inch Odyssey G7
    Apple Watch Series 6 GPS
    Apple Watch Series 6 LTE
    Apple Air Pods Pro
    Gen 4 Echo Dot with clock
    Gen 4 Echo Dot
    Gen 3 Echo Dot
    Tile Pro

Let’s talk more about shady practices and my least favorite company, Facebook. If you think I’m going to be too harsh on them, trust me I’m warming up right now. iOS 14.5 was released early last week and should be updated to 14.5.1 for security reasons. With the original update, you now have complete control over whether or not apps are tracking you and you know Facebook has been running a full campaign against it as it is hurting business. Apple even made it clear that developers can’t use any bad means to convince you to be persecuted, but I think Facebook simply resisted that because they did just the opposite. Whenever you log into Facebook or Instagram, you will get a prompt informing you that you are now using iOS 14.5. You explain the situation to the users and then say: “We use information about your activities from other Aps and websites to: Show you and receive personalized advertisements. * Keep Facebook free * and of course support small businesses that rely on ads ”. So yeah, the threat now is that at some point you might be forced to pay for Facebook, which will be real. This will be the moment the platform will die because no one is that stupid. And let’s face it, ads will still be there. There is no reason to make consumers believe they have to pay for a service now. If ads don’t go away, they just won’t be personalized if you choose to opt out. We’ll see how Apple goes about this step as they have been vocal about even removing Facebook from the App Store if they don’t abide by it.

More proof that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is around

Okay, let’s put the spotlight on Samsung, but before we get into ultra territory, let’s talk about the Galaxy S21 FE. Last year’s S20 FE was a huge success for the company, so it makes sense for the company to pursue that success. So far we’ve seen some renders for the device, along with leaks that said we’d get a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, that of the Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 with a 4800 mAh battery and up to 256 Gigs operated is storage. This is all great, but we lacked a start date. Now we have a new tweet from Ross Young claiming that production for the S21 FE is set to begin sometime in July. He went on and listed the color variations we could expect, namely gray, light green, light purple, and white, which will definitely get fancier names at launch. So yes, we don’t have an exact start date, but mass production will start in July. It pretty much signals that we’ll get it Unpacked in the case, and who knows, maybe even with the leaflets? With that in mind, it makes sense as a regular and affordable smartphone option for those who aren’t looking for an expensive foldable update.

When we talk about things to get in the fall, let’s talk about iPhones. In case you weren’t paying attention, Lew at Unbox Therapy recently posted a video featuring an iPhone 13 Pro Max dummy provided by Ben Geskin based on leaked wiring diagrams. Of course, it might not be the actual design, but these schematics are pretty accurate. From these dummies we can see the smaller notch that is still noticeable but is drastically smaller because they rearranged the Face ID components. On the back, the camera lenses are probably the biggest change. You can tell that these are much larger and, according to Ming Chi Kuo, we should expect an improved ultra-wide camera with a brighter aperture and autofocus. Something else we should expect from these new iPhones are LTPO 120Hz OLED displays, which appear to be exclusively provided by Samsung. Yes, we know Apple is very late, but at least we’ll finally get the feature. I think the main benefit is that this dummy proves that we are in line for an S year as the changes are not really what I would call significant. We’ll see that the changes in the display and camera design may justify a jump to the iPhone 13.

And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s keep talking about camera hardware upgrades, but this time we’re talking about Samsung. Let’s just say what Samsung is preparing for the S22 Ultra is so bold that it encompasses all of the rumors and partnerships we’ve been reporting on for more than a year, according to a new leak from Ice Universe. In a Weibo post, he mentions that in an interesting collaboration, the S22 Ultra will bring continuous optical zoom, a sub-screen camera and a new form of GPU from Samsung and AMD. Samsung and AMD teamed up a while ago, and after some benchmarks, even Apple should be worried about this GPU. Perhaps my only concern is that, if I remember correctly, this GPU was for their Exynos chips, and not necessarily something that a Qualcomm counterpart would support. The last time we only got Galaxy phones from Exynos was the S6 and that didn’t go that well. In terms of the under-display camera, we’re expecting a debut on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so this should shed some light. But what excited me most is the camera with continuous zoom, because we’re finally not just talking about different focal lengths, this is technically real zoom, or at least we think so. Hard to say if this has anything to do with allegedly working with Olympus, but we’ll keep you updated.

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