Learn how to make a hidden and useful iOS app appear
Learn how to make a hidden and useful iOS app appear

There is a hidden iOS app that you cannot find on your computer Start screen of the Apple iPhone or in the App Library. The latter is supposed to contain all of the apps installed on your iPhone and helps you navigate your apps using a search bar. However, there is one hidden app that you can only find if you know exactly where to look. To find this hidden app, just follow these instructions revealed by Gadget Hack. First, swipe down on your home screen to reveal the search box. Enter “Code scanner”, “Code” or “Scanner” in this field. That will. You will see the app icon. You can even add the Code Scanner app to the Control Center of your devices by going to the settings > control center and tap the green “+” button. Using the Control Center gives you faster access to the app to scan a code.
The code scanner app does nothing other than the code scan functions available with the camera app, except for one thing: Codes scanned with the code scanner app are displayed in an in-app browser and not in Safari open. We also have to mention that the code scanner app had a different name in iOS 13 (QR code reader) and iOS 12 (scan QR codes). It is believed that Apple removed “QR” from the app’s new name because it scans app clip codes in addition to QR codes.

App clip codes start miniature versions of apps called “app clips”. This brings iPhone users the part of the app that they need when they need it. For example, if you use a special app clip code or QR code, the iPhone user can quickly access the desired part of an app. Suppose you park your car in a garage and you need to use a specific app to pay for the space. The user scans the corresponding app clip code and the parking fee is paid out quickly with Apple Pay. No account number was required to complete the transaction.

Another app that doesn’t appear on the iOS home screen by default is Magnifier. However, once this app is unlocked, it will show up on your home screen and in your app library. To unlock it, go to the settings > Accessibility > Magnifying glass. Turn on the app to turn it on. With the magnifying glass, the user can enlarge his surroundings using a slider. The magnifying glass didn’t have an icon of its own until iOS 14 was released last year.


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