If you’ve tried your hand at writing novels, you know that writing a book is not as easy as putting thoughts in a notebook. Book planning takes time, some outlines, and lots of paraphrases, which is not easy in Microsoft Word.

That’s why successful professional writers turn to Scrivener, the word processing and project management tool that can turn an unformed book idea into a finished work of art. Scrivener is 38 percent available now and is a $ 29.99 investment in your future career as a novelist.

Scrivener offers the tools to simplify the writing process. Scrivener organizes information in a number of useful ways, with features like a virtual ring binder that allows you to digitally flip through manuscripts, notes, and references. With an outliner, you can work with an overview and see different drafts of your project, while with the whiteboard function you can step back and view the parts of your novel as if you were sticking notecards with ideas on a whiteboard. With the split setting that allows you to view documents side by side, you can easily import those Microsoft Word documents and start editing content right away. With automatic saves and frequent backups, you’ll never lose your work so you can focus on writing without the distractions.

Scrivener gives you the freedom to wreak havoc, the confidence that you are going to clean it up, and the semantic relationships to tie everything together in the most meaningful way to you“Writes Merlin Mann, a former writer for MacWorld and Popular Science.

Join Merlin and thousands of successful writers around the world and download Scrivener while this deal is in effect. At just $ 29.99, this is a writing tool that has everything you need to complete the book (or books) of your dreams.

Subject to price changes.

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