Its the hottest thing going create NFTs on your Apple iPhone with this app
Its the hottest thing going create NFTs on your Apple iPhone with this app

Since Twitter’s founder and CEO Jack Dorsey sold the platform’s first tweet for more than $ 2.9 billion as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). NFTs seem to be everywhere. In case you don’t know what an NFT is, it’s a technology that the Ethereum blockchain uses to verify ownership of digital art or other digital assets (like a tweet). And there seems to be enough money to sell Sotheby’s first digital artwork by digital artist Mike Winkleman (aka Beeple) for $ 69 million. And at the beginning of this paragraph, we pointed out that Mr Dorsey (who needs more money than most of us need a hole in the head) auctioned the very first tweet for nearly $ 3 million.

Create your own NFT with the S! NG app!

It’s all part of the biggest fool game. Buy high now in the hopes that you can find a bigger sucker to sell to for a higher price. It doesn’t mean that NFTs have no value, but in the case of digital art, you’re really not going to buy them for aesthetics. You pay through the nose for the property; the ability to brag to your drinking friends that you have the original NFT made by a somewhat famous digital artist. Hey, that’s why normal paintings are sold too. But here’s a cool little incentive for the budding digital artist: Every time an NFT is sold or changes hands, the artist gets a percentage of the sale price.

With this attitude, With the S! NG app in the App Store, users can create their own NFTs and save them in an NFT portfolio in the app. The app allows you to “monetize, protect, share, manage and collaborate” your digital art. The app developer explains: “Today, S! NG stores almost everything you create, from music beats to lyrics and photography to poetry, everything in an NFT digital wallet powered by the blockchain. From voice memos to finished songs to split sheets are all automatically converted to an NFT with the touch of a button on your screen. The creative community is already using S! NG to prove ownership and protect ideas. And we’re only getting better.

The S! NG platform is designed to help share without hesitation and monetize their ideas. Every time you do a creative piece with an S! Sharing NG, we’re creating a digital footprint – millions of witnesses who never see what you share but provide irrefutable evidence that you did it. It’s the NFT language in a nutshell. Singing is also better than copyright. Nobody has to become a lawyer; This is a fraction of the cost and proof of your idea as a digital record is made instantly and is forever. Cooperations have never been easier. “

The developer adds, “Our app is designed to capture, send and receive ideas instantly. Your personal device security proves it is you and the NFT digital wallet of ideas is safe in your portfolio. Phone, tablet , wherever the work goes We’re happy that SING is used for everything. And even more excited to hear what you want to see next. Ideas are in motion. Let’s go. “

Right now it seems that just seeing the letters NFT associated with a trashy digital image can make a lot of money. Pixelated JPEG images of a cat can cost nearly $ 20,000, and we’ve already discussed some of the bigger paydays.

Downloading S! NG is not a guarantee that you will be showered with money as there is no sure thing. But if you have real talent when it comes to art (including photography and the written word) then this is the new gold rush.


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