iPhone 12 production halved at Indian factory following COVID outbreak
iPhone 12 production halved at Indian factory following COVID outbreak

Unlike the iPad and MacBook, Apple’s iPhone did not have any serious production problems due to the ongoing global chip shortage. However, a new report claims that iPhone vendors in India are currently facing a much bigger problem.

IPhone 12 production is down more than 50%

Two sources speak with us Reuters have shown that the production of the flagship The iPhone 12 at a Foxconn factory in India fell more than 50% because workers were infected with COVID-19. Over 100 employees have reportedly tested positive, and Foxconn is reportedly trying to stem the spread by enforcing a no-entry ban at its sheltered factory in the Tamil Nadu region of India.

According to a person familiar with the matter, workers are allowed to leave the factory under the ban, but no one can re-enter until the end of May. This is why iPhone 12 production has been hit so hard in the past few days.

Foxconn confirmed that “a small number” of employees tested positive for COVID-19. In a statement too Reuters, the Here’s what the Apple supplier said:

The usual production output of the Foxconn plant in Tamil Nadu is unknown. Therefore, it is unclear how much the spread of COVID-19 in India will affect all of Apple’s iPhone production. However, it is believed that the devices are primarily destined for India, so Apple could see some local supply bottlenecks in the coming months.

Today’s Foxconn news follows a Similar report on supplier Wistron, which recently closed an Indian factory for five days after three managers tested positive for COVID-19.


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