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Introduction of Security By Design
As a developer, struggling to figure out when to add security threat protection to your roadmap? By integrating security into the lifecycle of your app development, you can save a lot of time, money and risk.

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Using Kotlin’s Contract APIs for Smarter Helper
Kotlin’s contract APIs can be used to write smarter functions that provide information about side effects to the compiler.

Untrustworthy touch events
In Android 12, we’re making changes to improve the security of apps and platforms, and to provide a safer experience for our users.

Embed a web server in an Android application
This tutorial shows how to add web server capabilities to Android applications and allow external clients to connect to them.

Android services: getting started
Learn more about Android services and the differences between foreground, background, and bound services.
Libraries and useful resources
Templates with multiple files
Some programming patterns and frameworks require a number of related files, usually with a very specific structure. For example with the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern you need separate files for model, view and controller.
Gradle IntelliJ plugin
The core tool for developing the IntelliJ Platform plugin is now 1.0!
Videos / podcasts
The top 3 things you should know in modern Android development
Missed the Latest Version of Modern Android Development on Google I / O 2021? Fear not, Android Developer Relations Engineer Florina Muntenescu will make the top three announcements of this year’s Google I / O!
Class of the week
Provides text shaping for text with multiple styles.
Beyond Android

Google releases Fuchsia OS
Fuchsia, Google’s long-standing operating system, now runs on real Made by Google devices, namely the Nest Hub.

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