AndroidPIT uninstall apps 2781
AndroidPIT uninstall apps 2781

Did you accidentally choose the wrong app as the default on your Android smartphone? Are you looking for ways to change the default app on your Android smartphone? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below are simple steps that will help you easily change your default apps on Android.

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Your phone is a repository of multiple file types. There are several apps that can open a certain type of file. However, since most of us use a standard app for a specific purpose, it is important that you choose the correct standard app for that purpose.

While most of us have this sorted, there are times when you accidentally set the wrong app as the default app. This usually happens when we’re either distracted or when we’re in a hurry.

A classic example of this is shown in the screenshot below, where users can select the “Always” option instead of “Only once” – often incorrectly.

Standard Apps Final

What will you do after making the cardinal error of choosing “Always” instead of “Only Once”? / © NextPit

The steps below will show you how to undo the mistake you made.

How to remove a default app on Android

Either because of distraction or because a particular app seemed better at the moment, we often regret the immediate selection always. Don’t fret; Setting a default app to open a certain type of file is not a perpetual contract: you can change your settings at any time. Let’s see how.

The first method to remove a default app is through system settings. Follow these steps for Android 11. In this example we want to change our default browser from Chrome to Opera.

  • to open the settings and then Apps and notifications
  • click Show all apps
  • Find the app that you want to keep from opening automatically. In this example we are looking for Chrome because we want to remove it as the default browser.
  • Tap Chrome and expand the Advanced Menu
  • Choose Browser app
  • You will now see a screen where you can select Opera as your default browser.
Standard app Android 11

Follow these steps to change your default app / © NextPit

Remove all default apps

What if you want to cleanly search through all the apps that start automatically when you open certain files on the device? In such a scenario, you need to use the “Reset app preferences” opinion. Note that this will, by default, reset all installed apps to the state in which they were newly installed. For games, this means a loss of progress on the levels, but you can back up your game data before continuing with this procedure.

Anyway, that’s how you do it.

  • to open The settings.
  • Scroll down to system and click on Advanced.
  • click Reset options.
  • Choose Reset app settings.
  • You see a warning. Read it carefully and decide whether to continue or not.
Reset app settings Android 11

Resetting the app settings isn’t as drastic as it sounds. / © NextPit

Resetting the settings of all apps will not only remove the auto-open settings but also all other previously set options (deactivation, notification management, background data restrictions, etc.).

Manage standard apps

To get an overview of all of the apps that you’ve set as default, you can go to

Settings> Apps & notifications> Default Apps and see all the apps chosen as default for different file types and tasks.

Which standard app do you use to open files that you receive on WhatsApp? I use Firefox for links, Gmail for email, and the system apps for photos and videos. Do you prefer others? Let us know in the comments.

This article was last updated in May 2021. Older comments have been retained.


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