hfw aloy tremortusk
hfw aloy tremortusk

Hfw Aloy TremortuskSource: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

One of the biggest and most beautiful games revealed during Sony The Future of Gaming’s PS5 showcase was Horizon Forbidden West. This ambitious sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is being developed by Guerrilla Games, who make extensive use of the Decima engine and the newfound power of the PS5. It will be one of the best PS5 games without a doubt when it is released.

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is mysterious and one of the highlights is the different types of machines that roam, fly or swim through the world. As Aloy travels to the western United States, she will discover numerous machines, both new types and recurring forms. Here is the full list of the machines in Horizon Forbidden West that we know of so far.

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Machine classes

In the original game, Horizon Zero Dawn, machines were divided into four different classes. However, the players could not see which classes they were sorted into. We assume the same categories (and maybe more) will exist in Horizon Forbidden West. They are as follows:

  • Employment class: This describes machines that are designed to extract resources. In the original game, they are typically shaped like herbivores and have flame canisters.
  • Reconnaissance class: Reconnaissance or reconnaissance machines are those that act like guards and look out for threats. For example, observers from the first game.
  • Combat class: These machines are specifically designed to attack threats and typically take the form of predators. Think Sawtooths or Stalkers from the original game.
  • Transport class: Machines designed to move cargo or canisters around the world. For example Shell-Walkers from the original game.

Bristle back

Bristleback Hfw

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

The first new type of machine introduced to us, Bristlebacks are powerful Working class Machines that look like warthogs, especially those with dangerous tusks. We first saw a couple of bristlebacks in the Horizon Forbidden West announcement trailer, being overrun by a mysterious enemy tribe using machines for war. They bear a strong resemblance to Behemoths, machines with anti-gravity capabilities that were introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Hfw Claw Strider

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

Clawstriders, another new way of machine life, look like robotic velociraptors. They travel in packs and appear to have powerful, chainsaw-like jaws. Her name was revealed through some comics. Your machine class has not yet been confirmed, although we suspect Reconnaissance class or Combat class.


HFW chargers

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

Chargers are one of the machines returning from the previous game Working class Machine. They are usually found in open grass plains and rocky areas, and travel in herds. Aloy could overwrite them in Horizon Zero Dawn and ride them along with the Broadhead or Strider. One Charger can be seen in the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, which Aloy uses as a mount.

Clam snapper

Horizon Forbidden West shell snapper

Source: Sony (screenshot)

Clam snappers are turtle-like creatures that guard coastlines and swamps and are the second amphibious machine we have ever seen. They appear to be dormant for a long time, allowing vegetation to grow in the mud that collects on their backs. It’s hard to tell which class they belong to, but we’ll update as we learn more.


Horizon Forbidden West Snapmaw

Source: Sony (screenshot)

The crocodile-like snapmaws are returning in force and are Working class Machinery. Along the coasts and waterways of the Pacific, the Snapmaw is the only known amphibious machine besides the Shellsnapper. Some Snapmaws even guard hidden underwater locations.

Sun wings

Hfw Sun Wing

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

The Sunwings are a new type of flight that patrol the skies of the Forbidden West alone or in small groups. They bear a strong resemblance to pterosaurs. They use the solar panels in their wings to collect and store energy so they can make long flights. You probably are Reconnaissance class Machinery.


Horizon Forbidden West Tremortusks

Source: Sony (screenshot)

Another new machine, the Tremortusk, is a giant, mammoth-like creature that is already described as dangerous when discovered in the wild. However, when prepared for war by a human tribe, it becomes a great threat.

Unknown swimming machine

Hfw swimming machine

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment (screenshot)

Before the May State of Play officially began, we caught a glimpse of a new machine floating in the ocean on the left side of the screen. It was too far away to capture much of the detail, but it appears to have a long neck in an almost Nessie-like shape. We’ll update as soon as we learn more.

A growing list

According to Mathijs de Jonge, Game Director of Guerrilla Games, there are “dozens of new machines” alongside various recurring types. Every machine needs to be overwritten to study and analyze its weaknesses, so there will be a lot to find.

We’ll keep updating this list as it grows and new machines are revealed. Guerrilla Games is currently aiming to release Horizon Forbidden West exclusively for PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2021.


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