search tabs leader08
search tabs leader08

Search tab guideSource: Adam Doud / Android Central

The ability to browse browser tabs in Google Chrome can be a significant time saver. Tabs are great for multitasking, but they are easy to lose sight of. You can try using groups of tabs to keep things tidy, but you can still get lost. Chrome version 87 introduced the Find Tabs button first for Chromebooks and later for Windows and macOS computers. It gives you the ability to do just that. It is not necessary to activate or activate the function. You should see a new button to the right of your tabs that looks like an arrow pointing down.

Here’s how to search your Chrome tabs

Click that down arrow and you’ll get a quick vertical list of all the tabs open in any number of windows. You can scroll up and down to see all of the tabs, or you can search by looking for a tab in the search box at the top. Find out how to do it.

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of your tabs.

    Screenshot of the search tabs

    Source: Adam Doud / Android Central

  2. Enter the name of a tab in the search box.

    Screenshot of the search tabs

    Source: Adam Doud / Android Central

  3. Click the tab that you want to see. Chrome switches to the tab and window you selected.

The Search Tabs field only searched for titles and URLs of open tabs. The contents of these tabs are not searched. When you open a tab for, you want to search for “Cubs” rather than “Rizzo”. As you type, the search results narrow down the tabs that match the criteria. Pressing Enter will open the first result in the list. As mentioned earlier, it looks for all tabs that are open in all windows.

If you don’t see the down arrow, make sure you’re running the latest version of Google Chrome. The feature was originally only introduced in Chromebooks, but soon introduced in Chrome for Windows and Mac in Chrome version 89.

If you regularly use numerous Chrome tabs, this feature can be life-saving. Finding a tab can be a great way to increase your productivity. We’d like to see this feature on our cell phones too.

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