nest hub 2nd gen review 10
nest hub 2nd gen review 10

Nest Hub 2nd Gen ReviewSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Google knows how difficult it can be to build, or even get started with, a smart home. For this reason, the company announced on Wednesday a new smart home directory that provides consumers with a single point of contact to find out about and find smart home products.

The new directory contains useful guides that can show users the various functions of smart home products, such as: B. Some of the best smart locks to support Google Assistant or the best smart LED lights. There are helpful videos at the bottom of the page to walk users through setting up and using their various devices.

The directory also has many of the Google Assistant-compatible products that users can buy, as well as handy filters and categories to browse the many devices, including some of the best Android TVs and of course, Chromecast with Google TV.

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With more than 150 million devices and 80+ device types in the Google Smart Home platform, Google aims to make it easier for users to find products that meet their needs and provide them with the information they need to get the most out of their devices Equipment.

Thanks to the company’s work on the Matter initiative, Google’s smart home platform will also be expanded shortly. Matter, previously called Project Chip, is the joint initiative of large technology companies that bring smart home products to a uniform standard. This means that smart home devices that are Matter certified will work in any smart home ecosystem, be it Google, Amazon or Apple.

Google is also building a more seamless setup process for Matter-certified devices in Android, and is already working with developers and OEMs to ensure their products are ready. The first Matter products are not expected until later this year, but many existing products will be updated to support the new standard, which should make life easier for many users. According to Google, the average household had nine smart home products, up from just two in 2016.

Ready for the matter

Nest Hub 2nd Gen.

Nest Hub (2nd generation)

Your ultimate smart home hub

The new Nest Hub gets some useful upgrades from its predecessor, including the new Soli Sleep Tracking feature, which uses radar to show how restful your sleep was due to environmental factors. The new Nest Hub is practically future-proof thanks to its support for the new Matter protocols.

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