Google’s guacamole prepares voice commands without the wake-up word “Hey Google”


Google Assistant White 1Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Google is constantly looking for ways to make the Assistant easier to use. The company recently introduced a number of new features, including a feature to auto-fill your online orders and a feature that allows users to set up and manage Google Assistant routines with shortcuts on the home screen. The latter feature lets owners of the best Android phones tap an icon and a routine begins. According to today’s reveal, Google is now trying to expand assistant shortcuts to skip the “Hey Google” prompt.

Android police Wind of the new “Guacamole” function of the Google Assistant, which was shown in the app settings for some users. The name alone, which may be a wildcard, gives no indication of what the function does. The label says, “You can get something done quickly with guacamole.” The header reads “Voice Shortcuts” and states that this feature allows users to “skip saying” Hey Google for help with quick tasks “.

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The feature is most likely an extension of the Google Nest Hub feature that allows users to stop an alarm by simply saying “stop”. On smartphones like the Google Pixel 5, it will likely include additional tasks like answering phone calls with the phone waiting for contextual commands.

According to Android policeThe feature doesn’t seem to be working and has been seen for users of the latest version of the Google app on Android 11. The rollout doesn’t seem to be ready or generally available yet, but we may have more information next year on Google I / O 2021 of the month which is sure to have lots of goodies from the Google Assistant.

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