google tv kids profiles
google tv kids profiles

Google appears to be preparing to introduce new features on its Google TV. The service is to receive support for separate profiles on its homepage. In addition, these profiles are tailored to personal recommendations.

According to a report by 9To5Google, Google TV is being updated. Since its inception, it has been possible to sign in with multiple Google accounts. There is also an option for the child profile which shows content appropriate for a child’s age group.

However, if you have multiple adults in your family who are signed in to the shared Google TV, the home screen and its recommendations will be customized to suit the tastes of the primary account. When you add a new account, you’ll get a warning that says, “The Google TV home screen doesn’t see any recommendations for these accounts.” However, this could change soon.

According to the report, the latest Google TV app, version 1.0.370, comes with early preparations for full support for profiles on the home screen. However, the folks at the release couldn’t see the improved profile support from Google TV live on our Chromecasts even after installing the new update. Work is still in progress to provide separate recommendations to household members. Users can add another account to their device to “have their own personalized Google TV experience.

Also, the Google TV homepage may be prepared to better support child profiles. You will soon be able to create a separate area for a child in your family with their favorite apps and content. You can also manage existing accounts in Settings and then under Accounts & Sign in.

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