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If you play consistently much With Google Play Pass, you can get your hands on a huge library of games and apps for just $ 5 a month. The service includes some top notch games, but also a variety of filler games / apps that most people wouldn’t consider adding value.

$ 4.99 / month on the Google Play Store


  • Huge library with over 800 apps and games
  • Lower annual fee
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • New games are added monthly


  • Contains a lot of filler
  • No native listing of all included apps and games

Apple Arcade originally included just exclusively on its platform, but has since expanded its library to include other classic titles. The higher annual fee may make this a less attractive option for gamers who have both device options available, but the high caliber of games available makes Arcade a worthy competitor.

$ 4.99 / month at Apple Arcade


  • Lots of exclusive games made just for arcade
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Compatible with Apple devices
  • New games are added weekly


  • Does not contain any apps
  • Smaller game library with 180+
  • Higher annual fee

Apple and Google looked at the success of Sony’s PS Plus and Game Pass subscriptions and said, “We’d like some of it, please.” Enter the two mobile game subscription services, Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. These two services have some things in common: Both are paid subscription services that give access to hundreds of games (and apps in Google’s case) for a monthly or annual fee that can include up to five family members.

Both services are priced at $ 4.99 per month. For most people, choosing between the two services comes down to a simple matter of which devices you are using. If you’re using Android, go for Play Pass, and if you’re a team from Apple, go for Arcade. For the people who actually own and use both platforms, there are some notable differences between these two options.

Google Play Pass vs. Apple Arcade: Let’s sum it up

Play Pass Hero

Source: Android Central

In terms of volume, Play Pass is the clear winner with over 800 games and apps. However, this is both a pro and a con. The good news is you have one ton I’ve found some incredible games myself that I would never have bought alone if it weren’t for the subscription, like Ticket to Earth. The bad news is that there is one too ton Sieve filler. i counted nine Solitaire games alone and I think we can all agree that you just don’t need that many versions of solitaire. Additionally, most of the apps included are the ones I never want or need, like currency converters and weather apps. Therefore, I only use Play Pass for games.

Arcade has more exclusive titles and a more curated, less bloated library.

Apple Arcade, on the other hand, has a smaller game library from 180+. However, many of these games are exclusive and won’t be found anywhere else, like Fantasian, Crossy Road Castle, and What the Golf ?. and more. Arcade doesn’t suffer from the filler problem to the same extent as Play Pass, which is a clear point to him. Not every game is going to be a groundbreaking, even if it is exclusive, but in general the quality of the games on offer by Arcade is solid.

In terms of cost, the big difference between the two services is the annual subscription and your personal usage patterns. Apple Arcade weighs in at $ 50 a year and is an incredible price $ 20 more expensive than the $ 30 annual Play Pass fee. Given Arcade’s smaller game library, this is a hard pill to swallow for power gamers like me.

In terms of cost, Play Pass is the clear winner at $ 30 per year versus the $ 50 per year fee for Arcade.

Both services come with a month of free trial, so it doesn’t hurt to try one of these competitors. Be warned, however, that games received with Play Pass will revert to their paid versions if you unsubscribe. However, your saved data will be preserved if you decide to take it up again. Once you’ve played a free game on Play Pass and signed out, ads and in-app purchases will simply resume. Games purchased through Apple Arcade will no longer play if you sign out of the service. You’ll need to sign in again to continue playing games you’ve downloaded using Arcade.

In short, if you only play one or the other mobile game here and there every year, frankly, none of these services are for you. But if you are like me and play lots Games every month then subscription services like this one are a godsend.

Play passing games

Apple arcade gamesSource: Google Play and Apple

Arcade is steadily expanding its offerings, but I would want a more robust game library (at least 300+) and a more competitive annual fee before I could be persuaded to change my voice. It might be nice too, but not really necessary with Apple expanding Arcade to include even a handful of premium apps as part of the service. Maybe a great photo editor to maximize the profits of these cute cameras?

You could definitely say that I am biased, but for my vote, I would choose Play Pass as a better service because of the lower annual fee, significantly larger game library, and slightly more forgiving cancellation policy. Yes, there is a lot of junk to filter out in the Play Pass, but there are also a lot of high quality games out there. Dead cells, Stardew Valley, Cytus II, all four of sorcery! Games, Grimvalor, Limbo and much more are available on the Play Pass and for me easily justify the cost of the annual subscription.

Play on and on and on

Google Play Pass logo

Google Play Pass

Perfect for power players

When you’re ready to cut out the noise, Play Pass can be an incredible option for hardcore mobile gamers.

Good for high-quality exclusives

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Apple Arcade

Your one-stop-shop for exclusive mobile titles

Apple Arcade was launched before the Play Pass but, despite its exclusivity, appears to be falling behind the competition with a much higher annual fee and a smaller library of games included.

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