Google Pixel 5a is CANCELED! (but not everywhere) (video)


As always, let’s end the week with deals. Starting with the M1 MacBook Pro, which is currently $ 100 cheaper, the entry-level variant remains at 1199. If you’re looking for a more powerful variant, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is available on Amazon for $ 300 Gigabyte RAM and 1 TB storage model for 2499. For those of you who are asking for more Windows laptops, the Dell XPS 13 is available for $ 500. At Verizon, the Galaxy Buds Pro comes in a bundle where you get 2 for $ 325, which means you save $ 75. Speaking of Samsung, yes, the spring deals are still running, so you can get the S21 for $ 100, the S21 + for $ 200, and the Ultra for just $ 500 if you have a swap device. We have more deals on Amazon Fire Sticks, more laptops and other products at the links below.

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Let’s talk about roadmaps and SoCs now, as Apple’s success story with Apple Silicones appears to be replicated by other companies. Last week we had a report from Google working on their own SoC and now Xiaomi and OPPO seem to be doing the same thing. According to a new DigiTimes report, Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and OPPO are working to bring their own 5G processors to market between late 2021 and early 2022. I’ll talk about what causes products to be delayed later. Hence, we don’t know exactly how well this will work for Xiaomi and OPPO. Unfortunately, at the moment we only know that these chips are compatible with 5G under 6 GHz. So we’ll see if, due to the shortage, they actually manage to get these out later this year. In fact, I honestly wonder how it’s all going to be fair with Qualcomm partnerships, etc. We will keep you posted.

For today’s funniest news, we’ll likely be putting the spotlight on Apple and the upcoming AirPods. It looks like someone said, if Apple doesn’t release these, I will! AirPods 3 are slated to begin mass production by the third quarter of 2021, according to a March 14 report by Ming Chi Kuo. The reason for this, however, is so that you don’t be fooled by any new development. There are already quite a few fake AirPods 3 out there, shown on TikTok and Twitter, and they look just like the leaked pictures we received a few months ago. We know Cupertino has a whole team based around getting rid of counterfeit products, but that’s a bit of fun considering these don’t even come out yet and they just move on with the leaked design. It also kind of shows us how crazy the leaks have been over the past year, so yeah, Apple. When is this event coming? Because obviously people are getting impatient.

Let’s talk more about Apple, but this time about the iPhone 13 display. A lot of leaks have developed around these LTPO panels that we expect, and today we have some more details on how these are going to happen. According to another report from DigiTimes, Apple’s suppliers for these displays will be Samsung and LG Display, with the transition from LTPS to LTPO most likely to be completed in the first half of 2021. Even if the transition ends prematurely, their capacity could be lower than usual due to the added complexity, so Apple may reach out to BOE to handle the rest of these ads. And I know BOE failed several quality tests for Apple, but reports say they are testing LTPO displays in an area developed by Apple at one of their factories. Yes, we are expecting these LTPO displays on both iPhone 13 Pro models with a Pro Motion 120Hz refresh rate. Incidentally, thanks to the A15, this also enables 15 to 20% less power consumption. A better display and better battery life sound like a win-win situation so far.

And finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk about Google and the pixel leak frenzy that happened today. Let’s start with the chip shortage we talked about earlier on the show. According to a tweet from Jon Prosser this morning, the Google Pixel 5a was canceled due to a lack of chips. The Pixel 4a and 4a 5G will continue to be sold this year. That report was confirmed by Android Central when they spoke to one of their sources who claimed that Google Engineers would continue to focus on the Pixel 4a 5G for software testing going forward. Which made sense, it’s pretty much the same expected hardware for the 5a. However, there was another report from 9to5Google quoting a Google spokesperson claiming that the Pixel 5a 5G will not be canceled. And it will be available in Japan and the US later this year, and will be announced when the last A-Series launched last year, around October. So the bottom line is that the Pixel 5a won’t be available on Google I / O and will only be available in the US and Japan. Oh, and this Pixel Watch is supposed to be out in October too, with a pretty design, according to Prosser. But what do we get on Google I / O then?

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