Google is preparing cheaper “Pixel Buds A” earbuds, the details of which have just leaked

According to reports, Google is preparing a new – and more affordable – true wireless earbud that will supposedly debut under that name Pixel buds A.. According to a report by 9to5Google Relying on sources familiar with the latest developments, the upcoming earbuds will follow the same strategy as the Pixel 3a or Pixel 4a, bringing the core experience of Google hardware at a cheaper price.

Google is replicating the same formula for earbuds as the cheaper Pixel-A phones

Starting with the design, The Pixel Buds A supposedly have an identical structure to the Pixel Buds, but with some color profile changes. They start out with a uniform white or green grain instead of following the two-tone approach of Pixel Buds, which uses black for all color options. Essentially, they’re all-white earbuds with a matching white case, earbuds, and wings.

The second color option is said to be a darker shade of green than the mint green of the Pixel Buds. The earbuds, wings and innards of the charging case are all the same shade of green for a consistent look. It seems that Google will match the color of Pixel Buds A with that of the upcoming Pixel 5a embellishments, but that’s just speculation.

Pixel Buds A will reportedly come in two colors with touch gesture support

When you talk about the features you get on the cheaper Google earbuds, They provide support for touch controls that allow users to participate in calls, control music playback, and call the virtual assistant. However, it’s unclear which corners Google will trim down to rate the Pixel Buds A lower than the vanilla Pixel Buds, which are currently available for $ 179.

According to an earlier leak, new Google branded wireless earbuds will debut in mid-April. Earlier this month, two earbuds with the model numbers ‘GPQY2’ and ‘G7YPJ’ were discovered in the US FCC database (via 9to5Google), with almost the same dimensions as the standard pixel buds. After their alleged FCC sighting It is very likely that the Pixel Buds A will debut in the near future – likely in June or earlier – rather than the typical fall event when new Pixel hardware fails.

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