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Posted by Siddhant Agarwal, Community Manager of Google Developer Student Clubs India and Biswajeet Mallik, Program Manager of Google Developers India

The Google Developer Student Clubs recently hosted Android Study Jams, a collection of community-organized study groups, in 275 locations across India. These learning jams helped students create Android apps in the Kotlin programming language through a curriculum provided by Google.

These virtual events attended thousands of students in more than 250 colleges and hundreds of new Android apps created with Kotlin. To celebrate all of this exciting work, we wanted to share some notable apps that were developed by the participants in the Android Study Jam session:

Stumate app

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Developed by the GDSC GMR Institute of Technology, Stumate is a place for students looking for a solution to keep all of their files and notes in one organized place on their devices. This application also allows students to send notifications of assignments to their classmates while they are uploading notes to a PDF, Word document or presentation.

The app uses the Material Design library for the front end and Firebase as the back end. Some of the technical concepts used in the app include:

  1. SharedPreferences and RoomDatabase for storing user credentials
  2. WorkManager to schedule the reminders at a specific time
  3. Data binding to display the content
  4. Firebase authentication (Google Single Sign On and email authentication), real-time database, storage, Firebase cloud messaging, Crashlytics
  5. Firebase Test Lab for testing the application on different devices

You can find this app here in the Play Store.

Ask me anonymously app

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Ask Me Anonymously is a chat application developed by GDSC Chandigarh University that allows users to ask each other questions without revealing their identity.

This app uses concepts taught in Android Study Jams such as:

  1. RecyclerView
  2. Activity lifecycle
  3. Data binding
  4. Using Glide to Load and View Images from the Internet

The application also uses Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase Cloud Storage to implement the above features. It also uses some other notable Firebase features like Cloud Messaging and Firebase Dynamic Links.

You can find this app here in the Play Store.

Travel Wise App

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Travel Wise was developed by the Indian GDSC Institute for Information Technology in Lucknow and is an app that allows users to find fellow travelers on their trip. So you can share your trip and save money while traveling.

The app uses Google Firebase for authentication and the real-time database for storage.

Eye tester app

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In today’s digital age, our screen time has increased dramatically, making vision problems more common. The GDSC Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering has developed an eye tester app that uses a simple digital eye test to determine whether or not to see a doctor.

The app uses the concept of “toast,” which shows and hides text for a short time, and “random,” which generates random numbers. The app was designed using Compose’s ‘constraint layout’ which provides the flexibility to make the app’s user interface efficient.

Taperback app

GDSC Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute developed Taperback, an Android app for reading books and novels. Taperback allows users to read from a large collection of free books manually collected from online websites that are already publicly available. Books from these websites are later uploaded to Firebase Firestore and Storage, along with other metadata from the books, via a custom web portal. New books are often added daily.

This app was created with Kotlin and XML. Some of the main concepts used are Kotlin Coroutines, Navigation Diagrams, RecyclerView, WebView, SQLite, Data Caching and more.

We’d like to thank all of the moderators at Android Study Jam for hosting these sessions and helping the students develop these exciting Android apps with Kotlin.

The community of Google Developer Student Clubs in India is now bringing their enthusiasm to the 2021 Solution Challenge, in which they develop apps that serve their local community.

Getting started

Are you ready to learn Kotlin and build your own Android apps? If you’re a college student, join a Google Developer Student Club near you. If you are a professional, you can find the right Google Developer Group for you.


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