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If you happen to have one NextPit Periodically, you may also be familiar with the “Free Apps of the Week” article. The idea behind this article is to share with you a list of apps that are available for free for a limited time. The money you save by downloading these apps during such promotions can add up to a significant amount. For example, this week we calculated that the temporarily free apps listed below would add up to almost 85 euros.

While free apps are a good thing, they are often filled with ads and you may need to make in-app purchases to unlock certain features. This is not the case with most of the apps shared in these articles because you essentially get a paid app for free.

Note that we are completing this list of free apps from platforms like “AppsFree” and from a German community called MyDealz. If you’re aware of similar resources for paid apps that are temporarily free, let us know in the comments below

Pro tip: If an app on this list piques your interest but you don’t want it right now, it’s better to download it to your phone anyway and possibly uninstall it later. That way you can download this app for free if you really need it later

Free apps and games for Android

These Android apps are currently available for free

These games for Android are currently free

  • Deadly Traps Premium – Adventures of Hell (1,29 €): What better way to escape lockdown than actually descending to hell? That’s right, nothing, and that’s why the platformer Deadly Traps is worth downloading!
  • Colorzzle (€ 0.89): Okay, now all three times loudly: Colorzzle, Colorzzle, Colorzzle! That was hard to write, but there’s an interesting game behind it with a comic-book look. More precisely, a puzzle game where you have to adjust colors.
  • Mini play (€ 0.99): This Japanese game seems to be a mix of several classics. From the screenshots, I could see Super Mario, Pokémon, and a puzzle game. How good is this game really? Find out!
  • ShapeOminoes (€ 1.49): I think I’ve seen this game in the free apps section before. It’s a puzzle game that is sure to have plenty of alternatives on the Play Store. However, since this is the Pro version, there are at least no ads included.

Free apps and mobile games for iPhone and iPad

These iOS apps are currently available for free

  • Balance: meditation & sleep (€ 54.99): If you register as a new customer with the meditation app “Balance”, you can use it free of charge for one year. An excellent offer that will save you almost € 55.
  • Python 3 (€ 0.99): You can learn the Python 3 programming language with this free app. The app also includes an IDE, i.e. a development environment.
  • Lightsynth (€ 2.29): A camera app that offers a new HDR algorithm called “Adaptive Dynamic Range”. The reviews are quite positive, only the processing should take a little long.
  • MemoCam (€ 2.29): With MemoCam you can scan fonts and symbols with the camera of your iPhone. You can then process the scanned data directly and convert currencies, for example.
  • Hollycool – Pro Video Editing (2.29 €): The iMovie alternative “Hollycool” is still free this week. It is a video editor for iPhone and iPad.
  • 4 Find cache (€ 4.49): Looking 4 Cache is also still free. You can’t use it to clear your apps’ cache. It’s a geocaching app – great lockdown activity if you ask me.
  • DrumToolz (€ 1.09): If you follow the free apps every week, you already know “DrumToolz”. The drummer tool was also free last week.

These mobile games for iOS are currently free

  • Dream a little dream (€ 0.99): This colorful 8-bit game has a whopping 5.0 stars in the App Store. Of the 27 votes, all were positive.
  • Moonlight Express (€ 3.99): Santa Claus cannot deliver all the presents in this game. No problem, because you have a delivery service and take care of the delivery of the precious goods. The gameplay is a one-tap game, so it is elementary!

By now you should be able to get through the weekend with at least a few new apps. Whenever you come across a new free app, let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in this article. The same applies if one of the apps is no longer free.


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