NextPit Android apps scaled
NextPit Android apps scaled

Another week has passed and here we are with a brand new list of apps and games for Android and iOS platforms that will only be available for free for a limited time on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Stop wasting time and save money by downloading these recommended apps on your smartphone.

Our team updates these lists every week. So if you read this article a day after it was published, some apps may no longer be free in their respective app stores. At the time of publication, all of the apps listed here were available for free for Android and iOS platforms. If you know any apps that are currently free and worth mentioning, let me know in the comments.

Here’s a tip: If you find an app you’re interested in in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game at the moment, install the app anyway before uninstalling it from your device. This will ensure that it is already part of your library that you can install for free in the future if needed.

Temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store

Free Android productivity apps on the Google Play Store for a limited time only

  • 4K Camera Filmmaker Pro camera film recorder ($ 4.99): The app has a long name, but it can be described briefly: It is intended to help you take more professional photos and videos.
  • SnipBack – voice recorder ($ 2.99): Here you have a cool version of a voice recorder! You can decide when the app should start listening and you can then decide afterwards that an important sentence was there and SnipBack then saves exactly the last 30 seconds. Of course, you can also make audio recordings as usual.
  • GPS Speed ​​Pro ($ 0.99): With this app you can save information about travel or hiking routes, but also serve as a speedometer and determine your GPS position.
  • Note recognition ($ 4.49): This great app can record your music and convert it into notation. You can use it to filter out notes from a recorded song, check the pitch of your own singing voice, or have notes written down while you play an instrument.

Android games are temporarily free in the Play Store

  • Minesweeper Pro ($ 1.49): Minesweeper is probably one of those games that every Windows user knows, but very few know how it works. Convince me of the opposite!
  • Calculate quickly ($ 0.99): A nice math game that wants to pass the time with the four basic arithmetic operations.
  • Neo monsters ($ 0.99): This rather obvious Pokémon clone is available again for free for a limited time.
  • Hills Legend: Action Horror ($ 0.99): First-person horror games obviously have to be set in old, shabby mental hospitals. Hills Legend is no exception. PS: The HD version is also free, but only for one day, so be quick!

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Free productivity apps for iOS for a limited time only in the Apple App Store

  • PaintSnap ($ 2.99): PaintSnap is one of the apps that can help you turn photos into paintings.
  • Safety notice + ($ 1.99): With this app you can not only create notes and send them back and forth between different devices, but also protect them from being accessed by third parties.
  • Tahrir app ($ 2.99): This is an app that makes it easy to add text to pictures. Various effects and fonts are available to you and you can also save the labeled images as editable in order to adapt them later.
  • Cardboard box: sports card scanner ($ 4.99): Are there still sports cards to collect these days? Apparently, because this app allows you to scan and catalog your cards.
  • grateful ($ 1.99): What can you be grateful for? If you can’t figure it out yourself, hopefully this feel good app can help.

These iOS games are currently free

  • Arkfront ($ 3.99): In Arkfront you shoot your way through space to finally reach “Eden” – the destination of your interplanetary journey.
  • Super tank battle – myCityArmy ($ 2.99): This game is inspired by the classic tank war games we remember from the NES days. Just shoot anything before you catch yourself.
  • The great coffee app ($ 3.99): Would you like to know how to make a decent espresso or other coffee? Guess which app could help you with this?
  • Neo monsters ($ 0.99): This Pokémon clone is available again for free on iOS devices.
  • Brutal Street 2 ($ 0.99): The title sounds a bit like Street Fighter? It’s no coincidence, because this retro brawler is reminiscent of popular arcade games from the nineties.
  • Block against Block II ($ 2.99): Here we have a game that cheekily applies the much-copied Tetris principle. But it doesn’t have to be bad, especially not for free, right?

Well, these apps made it onto this week’s list! Remember, all of these apps are free for a limited time only. As a result, if you read this article after it is published, it is possible that some of these suggestions will no longer be free.

In any case, our team publishes a new version of this article every week. Have you found a bug, an application is no longer free or would you like to send us recommendations? Drop us a message or leave a comment below.

What other temporarily free apps would you recommend? NextPit community?


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