Free Apps Of The Week: Download These Paid Apps Now For Free!


Yikes, it’s Tuesday again, and well, it’s time for our weekly recommendations of apps and games that are free for a limited time only! As always, we’d like to inform you that this article will be updated twice a week so you can see the latest free app offers!

Immediately, let’s review the list for this week.

Tip: If you find an app you’re interested in in the list below, but don’t want to use the app or game just yet, install the app anyway and remove it from your device. This way the service will be built into your library and you will be able to install it for free in the future if you need it.

Enough talking. Here are our app and game tips for this week:

Free Android apps

Free Android apps from the Google Play Store

  • Aron Icon Pack ($ 0.99): Are you looking for fancy symbols and a breath of fresh air on your smartphone display? Try the Aron Icon Pack, which is free for a few days.
  • Rec Audio Recorder PRO ($ 4.49): A versatile recording tool that records your voice in high quality and also allows background recording when the display is off. You can also use it to share the recordings. We already recommended it, but it’s still available for free right now.
  • Color wheel ($ 1.99): One of those apps that you probably won’t need often (unless you’re a graphic designer or work with color for some other reason). But I installed it because it has very good ratings (4.8 stars). You can use your smartphone camera to determine colors very precisely.
  • Visual acuity diagrams ($ 3.49): Are you nearsighted? Not yet? This app could help you stay that way. It shows optically precise optotypes of eye charts and can at best recognize very early if your eyes no longer want to go this way. Should of course not replace a visit to the doctor!

Free Android games in the Google Play Store

  • RFS – Real Flight Simulator ($ 0.99): Currently this flight simulator is available for free. You want it when you fly around the world and want to take on the duties of a flight captain.
  • Hills Legend ($ 0.99): This game, set in a mental hospital, is still available for free. Get it now because it won’t be available for free until Friday.
  • Calc Fast ($ 0.99): 60 seconds – this is how long you have time in this educational game to solve as many math problems as possible. On your marks, get set …

Free iOS apps

Free iOS apps from the Apple App Store

  • Ananda ($ 2.99): This meditation app is currently free. It has excellent reviews so definitely worth a visit!
  • A sketch ($ 2.99): We recommend the virtual sketchpad again this week. Those of you with creative minds can save some money by downloading this now.
  • Lamp ($ 99.99) I don’t have an iPhone so I don’t fully understand how this app gives you control of your light and why it’s so darn expensive. But hey, while it’s still free, we recommend it to you.
  • ScannerLens + ($ 9.99): The name gives it away, it’s a scanner app. It is said to be very good at scanning documents, and compared to the free version, it won’t ruin your scans with watermarks.
  • Classical Music Collections ($ 4.99): Get access to a lot of classical music. 230 masterpieces are available: Bach, Vivaldi, Chopin, Strauss – you name them!
  • Colorscape – color your photos ($ 6.99) (In-app purchases): We continue to recommend this coloring book because it is so lovely and chill and you can still save a lot of money if you download it right away!
  • LeechTunes ($ 2.99): This application aims to make your Apple music experience more enjoyable. There are different skins, gesture controls and it has good reviews too!
  • VHS camera: Vintage Video Editor ($ 2.99) This one is for retro fans: With VHS Cam, your smartphone videos will look just as beautiful and stupid as your old VHS tapes that are still in the closet.
  • 5 Minute Diary: Self Care ($ 4.99): Positive energy, anyone? We already recommended this app, but when we need something, it’s positive energy, right?

Free iOS games in the Apple App Store

  • Galaxia 4 ($ 0.99): Imagine if the old Galaga did it to the old Space Invaders. The result would likely be Galaxia 4.
  • hyperPad Viewer ($ 14.99): This is not a game, but an entire game platform for indie games that is still free.
  • Space Raiders RPG ($ 0.99): Guess who the brave space raider is who has to save the world in this role-playing game? Exactly the same hotshot that just saved $ 0.99 while downloading it here.
  • Smash the comet ($ 2.99) Here you have to maneuver a comet painlessly through the area, doing exactly the opposite of what the name of the game suggests.
  • StoryToys Princess Rapunzel ($ 1.99): Rapunzel is still free this week and still wants to escape from her prison. Seems like it didn’t work out last week, right?
  • Triangle ($ 0.99): In this strategy game three corners of a triangle have to be connected. This has to be a very interesting number as the game is rated 4.6 stars.
  • Fill me up – Block Brain Game! (($ 2.99): A pretty simple puzzle game. Certainly not intended for noisy game nights, but while waiting for the bus it might be just right.

That’s it for our recommendations for the Tuesday edition of our app overview! Note that all of these apps are only free for a very limited time and may cost you money again by the time you read this post later.

Do you have an idea for an app that is currently free of charge? Or have you noticed apps or games in the text that have already been paid for again? Then let us know in the comments!

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