Fitbit Luxe announced: a fashionable fitness tracker


Fitbit Luxe is Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker – and the first to be launched after Google acquired Fitbit. The Fitbit Luxe launch event was primarily aimed at the wellness segment (and those with a penchant for glamor).

Seriously, if I had taken a recording for every mention of Fitbit Premium during the roughly 40-minute presentation, you wouldn’t be reading a coherent sentence here. It’s true that when you buy the tracker, you get a six-month premium subscription that costs just under $ 150. After the subscription has expired, however, the range of functions will be considerably restricted.

This is exactly where the Fitbit Charge 4 only scored 6/10 in Ben’s rating. Fitbit Premium is in fact $ 9.99 per month, which is a perfect match with the premium price of Fitbit hardware.

Fitbit Gorjana Lifestyle Soft Gold 01762

Jewelry or a fitness tracker? With the Gorjana bracelet, the Luxe looks very different from a tracker – at least from the side. / © Fitbit

Fitbit Luxe: What You Get for $ 150

In any case, Fitbit’s latest tracker looks chic on the press photos, even with the standard silicone wristbands. The elegant case is made of stainless steel and is available in gold, silver and black. Unfortunately, there was no statement about the material above the touchscreen. Fitbit has also announced a collaboration with Gorjana and offers a heavy chain bracelet. The dollar prices published so far for the bracelets offered by the official site vary between USD 30 (Fitbit fabric bracelet) and USD 100 (Gorjana chain bracelet).

Fitbit wristbands

In the accessories area you will find various bracelets for the Fitbit Luxe. In our experience, third-party manufacturers are cheaper. / © Fitbit

No stress: keep an eye on your psyche

The Fitbit Luxe offers the usual collection of sensors for current fitness trackers, including a pulse sensor for heart rate measurement around the clock as well as various motion and acceleration sensors. In addition to sleep tracking, skin temperature and SpO2 measurements are also available.

The Luxe also inherits a trait from its bigger sister, the Sense: it quantifies the stress level of the wearer, mainly based on the data from the heart rate monitor. Fortunately, this metric is now being updated via an update to all Fitbit users who have a smartwatch or tracker with a heart rate monitor.

The manufacturer specifies a battery life of five days. Unfortunately no GPS sensor is integrated. So if you want to follow your route while jogging, you need to pack your smartphone.

Fitbit stress tracking

Fitbit against stress. Unfortunately, I also worry when I think about which dashboards and features will be deleted after my six-month premium membership expires. / © Fitbit

Fitbit Premium: the Achilles heel?

As mentioned at the beginning, Fitbit aggressively markets its premium membership. After six months of Fitbit Luxe, those who decide against the monthly premium of 9 euros will have to forego the new wellness report and longer-term views of their health data (only 7 days instead of 30 days visible).

The premium package also includes numerous content on the topics of nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Here Fitbit works with the meditation guru Deepak Chopra, who, for example, contributes guided meditations.

Fitbit variants

Fitbit Luxe – as the name suggests, fun has its price. / © Fitbit

Personally, I don’t like this kind of “packaging” at all. I find it completely obscure which features I have to pay for at once six months after purchase – and which are included. I would prefer to get content from my own sources, but I don’t want to go without the detailed dashboards. But then 9 euros a month for it? Phew

However, I am happy to be tutored and converted as soon as we have a test device in the coming weeks to months. Fitbit says “Spring 2021” for market launch.

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