Facebook’s Android apps are still popular as TikTok leads the worldwide downloads

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    WhatsApp logoSource: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central

    April’s list of the best non-game apps for iOS and Android has been released, and it offers some interesting insights into the apps that most users use on iPhones and the best Android phones. The list provided by Sensor Tower shows that the top app downloaded in April was TikTok with 59 million installs. It took first and second place on iOS and Android and barely managed to beat Facebook for the world’s best spot.

    Meanwhile, Facebook’s own apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, managed the top 10 spots on both mobile platforms. The Facebook app was the second most popular app in the world, despite the company’s ongoing legal troubles. According to Sensor Tower, India had the largest share of Facebook installations with 26%, followed by the USA with only 7%.

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    WhatsApp made the top 5 list on both mobile platforms, even as WhatsApp’s controversial policy changes approach. This shows how important WhatsApp is as a communication tool around the world, especially thanks to the app’s end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, which are just some of the features that keep users safe and secure on WhatsApp can.

    Telegram was also one of the top Android apps, which isn’t all that surprising given how popular it has been since WhatsApp announced the new policy. Other popular communication apps were Zoom and Google Meet, two of the best conference call apps for Android.

    One notable absence from the iOS list is Clubhouse, which is currently testing the Android app in beta. The influence of Clubhouse’s audio-only group chats has been seen across the industry as more and more apps like Facebook and Twitter develop their own versions on their respective platforms. Given the surge in these features on other platforms, this could have resulted in a downward trend in daily active users.

    Meanwhile, what do you think of this list? Were you surprised by one of the apps?


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