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Joint Announcement AndroidDevelopersBlog Header 1200x60028229

Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

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At Google Play, we are committed to ensuring that all developers are successful, whether they are large multinational companies or small startups and indie game studios. They are all critical to delivering the services and experiences people all over the world are looking for on their Android devices. In particular, the indie game developer community is constantly setting new standards with its creativity and passion and offers players everywhere unique and diverse content.

To keep supporting indies, we’re opening submissions today for two of our annual developer programs – the Indie Games Accelerator and the Indie Games Festival. These programs are designed to help small game studios grow on Google Play, regardless of what stage they’re in:

  • If you’re a small game studio looking for help starting a new title, contact the Accelerator for mentoring and training.
  • If you’ve already created and launched a high quality game ready for the spotlight, join the festival to win promotions.

There are a few changes to the programs this year, including more eligible markets and fully digital event experiences. Learn more below and apply by July 1st.

Accelerator: Get education and mentoring to accelerate your growth

If you are an indie developer at the beginning of your journey – either just about to launch a new game or recently with the launch of a title – this is the program for you. We offer training and mentoring to help you build, start and grow successfully.

This year we’ve nearly doubled the eligible markets, and developers from over 70 countries can apply for the 2021 program.

Selected participants are invited to take part in a 12-week online acceleration program. During this time, you will have exclusive access to a community of Google and industry experts, as well as a network of other passionate developers from around the world looking to accelerate their growth.

Festival: Win promotions that put your game in the spotlight

If you are an indie game developer who recently launched a high quality game, this is your chance to let industry experts and players worldwide discover your game.

Also this year we will hold three competitions for developers from Japan, South Korea and selected European countries.

The prices include features in the Google Play Store, advertising campaigns worth 100,000 EUR and more.


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