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New messages from the droid zone
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Everything about pending intents
Since Android 12 includes important changes to pending intent, including a change that requires an explicit decision on when a pending intent is mutable or immutable, it would be helpful to talk more about it

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Migrate existing library artifacts from JCenter to Maven Central
After shutting down JCenter, many migrate to Maven Central. And while there are many posts about posting new artifacts, any existing artifacts should also be migrated away from JCenter.

To do or not to do; There is no tryEmit ()
Dan Lew describes how to get an “equivalent of PublishSubject for coroutines”.

A safer way to capture data streams from Android user interfaces
Learn how the addRepeatingJob API protects you from wasting resources and why it is a good default setting for flow capture in the UI layer.

Creating a Family Tree DSL Using Jetpack Compose Syntax
Kotlin has all of the building blocks we need to build a DSL family tree using a Jetpack Compose-inspired syntax.
Libraries and useful resources
JohannBlake / Navigation-with-animated-transitions-with-Jetpack-compose
Demonstrates how to use Jetpack Compose to create animated transitions to and from screens
Videos / podcasts
Jetpack Compose … C’est bêta!
Tor, Romain, and Chet were talking to a few people on the Jetpack Compsoe
Class of the week
Audio profiles
An audio profile is specific to an audio format and lists supported sampling rates and channel masks for this format.
Beyond Android

Simplified version management with Gradle 7
Gradle 7 introduces the concept of version catalogs
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