Did you know that your Apple iPhone can do this
Did you know that your Apple iPhone can do this

There are probably some things that you didn’t know your iPhone and iPad could do. One of these functions is located in the “Accessibility” menu called “Tone Detection”. It can be set up to wait for specific tones and notify you when the handset or tablet detects one of the selected tones. For example, if you set your phone or tablet to wait for a doorbell, you will receive a notification when a doorbell rings.

Apple has released a new video that shows you how to turn on sound detection and how easy it is to do. Go to the settings > Accessibility > Sound detection and turn it on. According to Apple, your phone will continuously wait for certain sounds and use the intelligence on the device to notify you when any of the selected sounds are detected.

The tech giant notes that tone detection should not be used in circumstances where you could be injured or injured, in high risk or emergency situations, or for navigation. Once you’ve turned on sound detection, you will no longer be able to use the Hey Siri feature to access your voice assistant. Some of the sounds your iPhone can listen to include:

  • siren
  • smoke detector
  • Fire alarm
  • cat
  • dog
  • domestic appliances
  • Car horn
  • door bell
  • Door knock
  • Water is running
  • Baby is crying
  • Scream
  • to cough

Remember that when tone detection is turned on, the Hey Siri feature is turned off. And your device can be set to hear more than one tone at a time.

If this is your first time using the feature, you can quickly turn sound detection on or off by tapping the sound detection button in the Control Center. You can also touch and hold the Sound button to access the list of sounds and add or remove specific sounds.

If you have a hearing problem, it may be useful to set up this feature to alert you to a smoke alarm, fire alarm, doorbell, and more.


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