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Posted by Tom Grinsted, Product Manager, Google Play

You can use the Google Play Console metrics to better understand your app’s performance in terms of growth and acquisition, engagement and monetization, quality and churn. But with dozens of metrics – and thousands of variations – we know that not every metric is relevant to every person. One of the challenges you have shared with us is that it can sometimes be difficult to find the exact metrics you need for your personal professional role and to access them quickly and regularly once you find them. .

Therefore we are happy to announce this today You can now customize and pin the exact metrics that matter to you in a personalized KPIs section at the top of your app dashboard. These customizations are unique to you, so you can configure your KPIs however you want without affecting the rest of your team.

Getting started is easy. For each app on the dashboard, scroll to the KPI section and select Select KPIs. You can either create your own KPIs or start with suggested KPIs for job specialties like growth, quality and health or monetization.

There’s an extensive list of metrics available, including our new engagement data and peer comparisons. Search filters make it easy to find exactly what you want, and once selected, you can adjust the dimensions and filters to suit your exact needs. For example, you can view daily active users for your top five languages. or if you are a country manager, only show earnings from a specific country or territory.

You can name each of your KPIs so it’s easy to remember and even include emojis!


After you’ve configured a list of the KPIs that are appropriate for you, you can command them to control where they are displayed. This is a great way to ensure that your most important metrics are always shown first.

You can include up to 20 KPIs to make your dashboard as robust or optimized as you want.

In addition to our suggested metrics, you can pin any other dashboard card to your KPIs. For even more precise control, you can even add any reports that you have saved on the statistics page. This allows you to create hyper-specific custom KPI cards from one of our core metrics.

There are as many ways to customize your KPIs as there are users using the console. Instead of showing standard KPIs, anyone can now have a custom dashboard that shows the exact metrics that matter to each workflow.

Ready to see it for yourself? Just sign in to the Google Play Console to try it out.

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