Create a blur effect using Android 12

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RenderEffect – blurring
At the time of writing, March 202, the first Android 12 Developer Preview has recently arrived. Android 12 will have a design system update called Material NEXT if the many rumors are true.

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Accessible text scaling for Android
Ever open the app and can’t read the full text because it’s cut off in some way?

Imagine curtains
Raise the curtain on Android Windows!

From Java to Kotlin and back (II): Call up Kotlin from Java
In the previous article, we explored how Java and Kotlin can interact with each other, and some considerations around them. In this second edition, we’ll continue to address some of the relevant issues to consider when Java calls Kotlin.

Android Activity Lifecycle Cheat Sheet
Every developer will ask themselves these questions when writing a new activity. Here are quick answers when using our Clean MVVM Activity Lifecycle:
Libraries and useful resources
androidx / compose api guidelines
Development environment for Android Jetpack extension libraries under the Androidx namespace. Synchronized with the primary development branch of Android Jetpack under AOSP.
naman14 / adb-tools-mac
Mac menu bar app for popular ADB tools.
Muddz / QuickShot
Save any view, surface view, or bitmap in your Android apps as a single line image. QuickShot also works with memory with scope.

Videos / podcasts
Android Code-Along: Kotlin Coroutines
Welcome to the first installment in the Android Code-Along series, where you can watch code from Android experts, tackle programming problems, and answer your questions live!
Class of the week
Logic to parse a user-entered text message looking for smileys, urls, acronyms, formatting (e.g. ‘*’ for bold), me commands (e.g. “/ me is sleep”), and punctuation. It creates an array that breaks the text into its parts that we return to the client.
Beyond Android

Critics complain after Github removes exploit code for Exchange vulnerabilities
Microsoft’s own Github retrieves the proof-of-concept code published by researchers.

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