Cooks suggestion to vote using the iPhone is called preposterous
Cooks suggestion to vote using the iPhone is called preposterous

Did you know that you can vote on your Apple iPhone? Of course, you can choose which artist you think should win The voice or american idol. However, we don’t think Apple CEO Tim Cook had this in mind when he spoke on Kara Swisher’s podcast about allowing Americans to vote on their iOS phones.

We can understand why Cook would bring this idea up now. With Georgia’s new electoral law designed to reduce the number of people who vote in an election, the ability for Americans to vote on their mobile devices could have the opposite effect, making voting more accessible to all. During the podcast, Cook made it clear that this is what he has in mind.

The Apple CEO said, “I think we are probably all having the wrong conversation about voting rights. We should be talking about the use of technology. How can we make it so easy for our voter turnout to hit 100? Or it really comes close.” 100. ”

Of course, Cook’s idea was quickly shot down by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. LaRose, a Republican, has responded to the Apple CEO’s suggestion, calling it “absurd”. La Rose also felt compelled to shoot Cook.

Speaking to Fox News, the Ohio Secretary of State gave Apple’s top executives an unflattering name. He called Apple’s top executives “a classic example of one of those elites who believe they have a simple solution to a complex problem.” One of LaRose’s concerns was the possibility that voting on an iPhone could reveal how people voted in an election.

LaRose also pointed out that “you have to have the technological expertise to get it right, and that may exist at some point in the near future, but it’s more complicated than people think.” With all the things we can do with our phones these days, it doesn’t sound absurd at all to vote for President with an iPhone.


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