Compared to Google Assistant Siri scored very poorly in a recent test
Compared to Google Assistant Siri scored very poorly in a recent test

If you’ve had the pleasure of using Google Assistant on Android or iOS / iPadOS, Siri on iOS and iPadOS, and Alexa on the various supported platforms, you probably don’t need to know that the Google Assistant is the best trio. Siri-ously, Apple has a lot of hard work to do if it wants its digital helper to be as smart and helpful as the assistant. The trio was recently Put through its paces by the AI ​​training outfit Bespoken with an Amazon Echo Show 5 (Alexa), an Apple iPad mini (Siri) and a Google Nest Home Hub (assistant).

Who got the best test result if they answered questions correctly? Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri?

According to Voicebot, ai, Bespoken’s questions were asked using a test robot and marked as complex or simple. Some questions should try to trick the digital assistants for not having the correct answer – like “Name the first man on Mars”. As you might have guessed, the Google Assistant performed best with Alexa second and Siri third.

Interestingly, the percentage of questions answered correctly by the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri were pretty much the same regardless of whether they were rated as complex or simple. This indicates that incorrect answers are not due to the fact that the digital helpers did not understand the questions, but simply did not know the correct answers. Simple questions were answered correctly 76.57% of the time by the Google Assistant, 56.29% of the cases by Alexa, and 47.29% of the cases by Siri. The Google Assistant correctly answered 70.18% of the complex questions with a score of 55.05% for Alexa and a score of 41.32% for Siri.

Apple wasted the head start it had when Siri introduced it to the public with the launch of the iPhone 4s in October 2011. Alexa was released by Amazon in November 2014, and Google released the Google Assistant in May 2016.

Bespoken chief evangelist Emerson Sklar commented on the test results, stating, “We have two key takeaways from this initial research. First, while Google Assistant outperformed Alexa and Siri in each category, all three have significant room for improvement. These results underscore the need for Developers to thoroughly test, train and optimize every app they create for these language platforms. “

Sklar added, “Second, this process has been fully automated and we plan to continue these tests and introduce new benchmarks. This type of automation not only allows for point-in-time measurement, but also for continuous optimization and improvement. We know Google, Amazon, and Apple all embrace this, and we encourage others to do the same. “
Bespoken used his new test robot, which copies human speech, to see how apps like Assistant, Siri and Alexa react. Commenting on the robot, which was launched earlier last month, Sklar stated, “Our tools are already being used by thousands of developers to reliably and repeatedly automate interaction with any language platform – at a small fraction of the cost of manual testing and never actually Talk to a device – and this feature makes it easy for us to get real-time, unbiased and statistically significant data on the core behavior of any platform. The actionable insights our tests generate make it easy to troubleshoot app bugs and the conversation models optimize yourself in order to increase the successful understanding to more than 95%. “

How can Siri go out of the basement and breathe in the high penthouse air that Google Assistant is in? First, too many answers from Siri force users to tap a link to get an answer, even if it’s a question about an Apple device.

For example, if you ask Siri about the Apple Watch release date, you will get three links to tap on. Ask the exact same question to the Google Assistant app on iOS. Below a picture of the device, you will be told that “Preorders for the Apple Watch began on April 10, 2015, with the official release on April 24”. The bottom line is that Google knows more about the history of Apple devices than Apple itself.

But it really seems that the Google Assistant knows more about everything than Siri.


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