Clubhouse for Android beta now in the Play Store
Clubhouse for Android beta now in the Play Store

The audio-only group chat app Clubhouse was extremely popular at the beginning of the year. At the time, the app that required an invitation to join was only available in the Apple App Store. At the end of March, Clubhouse founder Paul Davison said that an Android version of the app was still months away, but Today Clubhouse announced that a beta version of its Android app is available on the Google Play Store.
The app certainly needs the boost that comes from being available on the platform that the vast majority of smartphone users around the world have installed on their devices. Note that the app was installed 9.6 million times worldwide in February and 2.7 million installs in the following month. However, in April that number dropped to 922,000 downloads worldwide.

A beta version of Clubhouse is now available on the Google Play Store, although invitations are still required

Without the required invitation, you can only reserve your user name with the Android app and put it on a waiting list. Eventually the invitations disappear and the clubhouse can be visited by anyone. But for now, regardless of the platform you’re using, you’re not going to enter the clubhouse without an invitation.

“We believe Clubhouse feels more complete with Android. We are grateful to all Android users for their patience,” co-founders Davison and Rohan Seth wrote in a company blog post. “Whether you’re a creator, a club organizer, or someone just looking to discover something, we really love to see you in the community.”

Clubhouse’s early success has spawned a number of imitators, including Twitter’s Spaces. It seems that all the big social media names want to have a presence in this space for the competition to keep increasing. The clubhouse still has the advantage of being the first, though its invitation system feels like a huge dislike to those who would love to use the app right away.

However, this was Clubhouse’s plan from the start. Today’s blog post says, “We’ve always taken a measured approach to growth, kept the team small, built it in public, and received feedback from the community in the process. When you scale communities too quickly, things can break. ” So we started Clubhouse on a single platform and gradually expanded it to include an invitation model. “

If you are put on the waiting list, you can secure an invitation. If you know an existing user, you can ask them for an invitation. The app launches today in the US, followed by other English-speaking countries and the rest of the world. According to the Clubhouse, the community will be asked for feedback, problems resolved and new functions such as “payments and club formation” added in the next few weeks.

On the invitations, Clubhouse says it will keep “growth measured” by continuing the current system, although it will open wider in the summer. Millions more iOS users are expected to join the more than 10 million iOS users who have already installed the app.

You can now install the beta version of Clubhouse for Android from the Google Play Store, but be careful. There is already an app called Clubhouse that has nothing to do with the app you are looking for. So make sure you are looking for Clubhouse: Drop-in Audio Chat. To save you time, Just tap here. The iOS version of Clubhouse, also called Clubhouse: Drop-in Audio Chat, can be installed from the Apple App Store.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the clubhouse and audio-only group chat format.


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