Clubhouse to end invitation system this summer over 2 million install the Android app
Clubhouse to end invitation system this summer over 2 million install the Android app

About a few weeks ago, popular group audio chat app Clubhouse finally made its debut on the Google Play Store, although invitations are still required to become a Clubhouse subscriber. Last Sunday, Clubhouse held a town hall meeting via the app, discussing what has happened since the vast majority of smartphone users were able to install the app (even if they cannot use Clubhouse without an invitation).
In a tweet sent to the town hall, Clubhouse noted that it now has over 2 million Android subscribers, doubling the 1 million Android users from the previous week. Since Clubhouse started in the App Store in March 2020 and was previously only available for iOS, the number of subscribers on Apple’s mobile platform of over 10 million currently exceeds the number of Android users. And while the Android version of the Clubhouse app has not yet achieved the same functionality as the iOS version, it is getting closer every day.

More exciting, however, is the statement that Clubhouse is “heading for general release sometime this summer!” That would mean the end of the invitations and greatly expand the use of the app. As a result, Clubhouse says the next updates will be about “discovery, notifications, and less visible but very crucial improvements” as it prepares for a massive surge in usage.

Clubhouse has its competition with many big names on social media that have launched something similar or announced that a similar feature is on the way. And several clubhouse users have complained about how buggy the app was, with some users being kicked out of a room in the middle of a sentence. So the company is facing hard work.


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