clubhouse android app features 1622728972611
clubhouse android app features 1622728972611

The Clubhouse app on Android now allows users to add their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles, as detailed in the latest beta release notes. The developers have also introduced updates that make it easy to follow speakers and check out upcoming events on a club page. In addition, the developers have announced that the app will be widely released “sometime this summer,” which means that users may be free to join the platform. You currently need an invitation to join the app.

According to the latest Android Release Notes for the beta app, Clubhouse users can add their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles to allow others to “get to know you better, follow your other accounts, and send you a direct message ( if your IG / Twitter settings allow it). “Testers can go to their profiles and tap Add on Twitter or Add Instagram to add the account link.

Another update of the Clubhouse Android app now enables users to follow people and clubs directly from their room. If you’re in a room and you like the discussion or a specific speaker, you can quickly follow them by tapping the Follow button in the room at the bottom of the screen. In addition, users can now easily determine when a club has more than one upcoming event. “Just go to the club page and you will see all of the upcoming events and you can scroll through them if there is more than one,” the notes explained. In addition, you can tap the bell icon to be notified when that particular event starts.

In another development of the Clubhouse Android app, the developers have tweeted Late last month that they passed the 2 million Android user mark since launch on May 21st. The app passed the 1 million user mark on May 24th.

Plus clubhouse too tweeted that the app will be available to everyone from “sometime this summer”. Essentially, this means that users do not need to receive an invitation to join the platform. You currently need an invitation to join the app. “This means that the next updates are about detection, notifications and less visible, but very decisive improvements,” says the tweet, which implies corrections in the upcoming updates to bring the Android version to parity with the iOS Version to bring.

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