Chromecast with Google TV update has more granular controls for video playback


Chromecast with Google TVSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

One day after receiving HDR10 + certification, the Chromecast received a surprise update with Google TV overnight. The latest update brings the software to version QTS1.210311.005 while it is still based on Android 10. There is also a new update for the included Voice Remote that brings this version software from 24.5 to 24.7. Check the remote settings to find and download the update as it will run separately.

The update includes a number of features primarily focused on giving Chromecast with Google TV greater control over how content is played. In particular, you can now access a new settings menu that allows you to customize the HDR and color formats, and give you more precise control over the resolution and refresh rate.

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As you’d expect, Google has also made a few different bug fixes to avoid stuttering issues when using Bluetooth audio. If you use Chromecast with Google TV in a 5 GHz or mesh network, you should notice better reliability even after installing the update. It’s the little software fixes like this that help make the Chromecast with Google TV one of the best streaming devices out there.

Downloading the update yourself is a fairly straightforward process. With the Chromecast enabled, use the voice remote to navigate to your avatar in the top right corner. Select the avatar, select Settings, and navigate to About> System Update. After a few moments, the download will begin and you will be prompted to restart the Chromecast after the update is complete. Below is if you want to see the entire changelog for the latest software update.

  • Advanced settings for video control for granular HDR formats, resolution / refresh rate and color formats.
  • Improvements to the HDMI hot plug that will allow your Chromecast to recognize the best TV settings available
  • Wi-Fi improvements for 5 GHz and mesh networks
  • Improvements to stuttering bluetooth audio in some apps
  • HDMI-CEC can now be configured so that only the TV is switched on and off in the settings
  • Security update: Android security patch level until April 2021

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