Up to 100 times faster than 5G China claims the early lead in 6G
Up to 100 times faster than 5G China claims the early lead in 6G

While we’re only at the top in the first inning of the ball game we call 5G, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some players who are already debating 6G. In February 2019, then-President Donald Trump tweeted, “I want 5G and even 6G technology in the US as soon as possible. It’s far more powerful, faster and smarter than the current standard. American companies need theirs Strengthen efforts or be left behind. “

China says it has the early lead in intellectual property related to 6G

The listings also explain the importance of the heading by saying, “You will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to develop next generation wireless technology that will have a profound impact on the future Apple products. “In this role, you will be at the center of a cutting-edge research group responsible for developing the next generation of disruptive wireless access technologies over the next decade.”
According to Telecoms, the Chinese Intellectual Property Agency (CNIPA) last week went through the Chinese state media to announce that the country is a leader in 6G-related intellectual property. CNIPA announced on World Intellectual Property Day that of around 38,000 patents related to 6G worldwide, 13,449, or 35%, came from China. The US took second place with 18% of 6G patents.

While the US and EU have already launched 6G research projects to ensure that one country or region has no advantage over another, CNIPA urged China to “leverage its technological advantage in 5G to stay ahead of the curve” . The CNIPA also said China should partner with Japanese and Korean firms such as NEC, Samsung and Mitsubishi “to reduce reliance on American and European technologies” in critical areas of 6G where China is lagging behind.

Although China is the world leader in 6G patents, only one company in the country cracks the top ten list. The top three global companies with 6G patents are NEC, Daewoo Communications and Mitsubishi. While artificial intelligence will play a huge role in 6G, Chinese firms hold a whopping 75% of 6G patents in this area.

China has the most patents related to terahertz technology for 6G at 40%. Of the top 10 patent holders in this field, six are Chinese universities and research companies. The top two patent holders in this category are China Electronic Science and Technology University and China Metrology University.

6G standards are still years away from being finalized. Currently, 6G is expected to offer terabit speeds up to 100 times the capacity of 5G and coverage from underwater to space. Features could include immersive extended reality (all real and virtual combined environments) and high fidelity mobile holograms.

If 5G enables users to download full-length movies in seconds, create new industries, support self-driving vehicles and new technologies, imagine what 6G download data speeds are possible when actually downloading 100x -Speed ​​of 5G. For this reason, the large industrialized countries are fighting against each other for the global leadership of 5G and 6G connectivity.

Remember, most of the discussion about the future of 5G and 6G is about how the faster speeds will affect consumers. However, we cannot be blind to how faster wireless service could affect the military powers of the world. This is another reason industrial nations are already fighting for 6G.


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