password manager
password manager

Safety and comfort are two of the most important factors for a good surfing experience. You want to feel like you and your data are safe, and it’s nice when things run smoothly too. A VPN is the key to this security and convenience. With the right VPN, you can surf the web without worrying about your data ending up in a dozen different places. Plus, you can easily bypass many of the restrictions and censorship rules that make surfing boring and unfulfilled.

With a password manager, you can make your online accounts even more secure by generating and storing secure passwords when needed. If you’re interested in enhancing your browsing experience by adding a VPN or password manager to the mix, check out the specials below.

LightyearVPN: Fast and Secure Internet

This VPN has everything you want in a VPN and a little more. Get access to global servers that give you unlimited access to previously blocked material and do so knowing that your activity will never be released. You can get LightyearVPN: Fast & Safe Internet now for $ 49.99 while it’s on sale for 58% off.

Password manager

personalVPN ™ Pro

personalVPN ™ is easy to use and can secure your surfing like a VPN. Get the anonymity and unrestricted digital freedom you seek in a VPN with one click. If you have any questions, you can always chat with a non-outsourced support team. Make your website invisible with personalVPN ™ Pro, now available for $ 34.99 and a 50% discount.

UTunnel VPN basic license (5 devices) + Bring your own server: lifetime subscription

UTunnel brings more to the table than the average VPN by letting you set up your own private VPN server. All you have to do is use your own server and go through the quick setup process. You have completely private 256-bit encrypted surfing for up to 5 devices. With the UTunnel VPN Basic license (5 devices) you get lifelong protection for your network. + Bring Your Own Server: Lifetime Subscription – it’s available for $ 69.99 but typically costs $ 199.

Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Subscription: 2 account bundle

With this awesome lifetime password manager, you no longer have to worry about ever remembering or creating your passwords again. Create strong, unique passwords whenever you need them and save them automatically so you don’t have to keep track of a password each time you create a new account. This password manager can be used for all of your devices and can be synchronized for each device via local and cloud connections. Get a Premium Lifetime Subscription to Sticky Password: 2 Account Bundle to keep all of your passwords in order, and it comes with a second subscription that you can give to any friend who seems to need a little extra security , now only $ 49.99.

Passpass Manager Family Plan: 1-year subscription

This password manager not only provides secure passwords when you need them, but can also manage your credit cards, social security number and other personal information. Make your browsing smooth by using the auto-fill feature which will save your information and keep it completely safe. You can even create separate secure data vaults to hold your passwords and information for different purposes. Get surfing at home and at work with the Enpass Password Manager Family Plan: 1-Year Subscription, currently available for $ 23.99.

iProVPN: Lifetime subscription (2-account bundle)

Some of the best things you can have in a VPN are a good AdBlocker and an instant kill switch, and this VPN brings to the table for both you and a friend. Search up to 10 devices ad-free and immediately interrupt your internet connection if your connection to the VPN is interrupted. You also get all of the other great features that you can expect from a VPN. Bypass geographic restrictions on major websites with a completely secure connection with iProVPN: Lifetime Subscription (2-Account Bundle) and it can be put on sale for $ 59.99.

Password manager

NordVPN 2 year subscription + $ 10 credit

NordVPN is an industry staple, and they earned that position by being undeniably great at what they do. With NordVPN, you can secure any internet connection, bypass content restrictions, remain completely anonymous, and use over 5,000 servers worldwide. You can get a 2 year subscription to NordVPN + $ 10 Store Credit on sale for $ 89, which is a 68% discount.

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