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Google Pixel 6 WEIRD design, AirPods 3 next week, and more! (Video)

pixel 6 pixel 6 pro cameras
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7TDYx5wEk8 Of course, the official news starts today with deals and we actually have variety today when it comes to Apple products. Best Buy is currently running a sale for iPhones, but of course there is a catch. Starting with the iPhone 12 mini, which is available for $ 100 when you activate it on Verizon, AT&T,...

Apple Music could bring Spotify to the point with hi-fi audio on Android

apple music replay 2020
Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central Apple Music is preparing to launch new "lossless" layers of audio 9to5Google. The feature was previously hinted at for the iOS version of the app, but the Android version will apparently get this feature as well. According to the Apple Music Beta for Android, two levels of lossless audio are started in the...

Sony is trying to improve pre-orders for the Xperia 10 III in Europe with free noise-canceling headphones

sony xperia 10 iii colors
After launching the new Xperia range in April, Sony is finally making one of its latest devices available for pre-order. The Xperia 10 III is the first new model from Sony to be pre-ordered, although it is currently limited to Europe. This year's Xperia 10 III offers some notable improvements over the previous year's model, with the Qualcomm...

Here’s how to reduce the screen brightness beyond the basic slider

Isn't the lowest brightness setting on your smartphone low enough for you? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to introduce you to a simple method that you can use to reduce the screen brightness beyond the brightness control on your smartphone. Jump toReducing the screen brightness has its advantagesThe smartphone displays...

Poll of the Week: Have You Accepted the WhatsApp Terms of Service?

NextPit whatsapp stop using it i dont feel so good2
According to WhatsApp, the vast majority of WhatsApp users have already agreed to the new terms and conditions. But that also applies to them NextPit Community or did you look for alternatives in good time? This is exactly what we want to find out in our poll of the week. Anyone who has ventured in any form...

In this way, Apple takes the iPhone 13 to a lower level

iPhone 13 smaller notch scaled
We're still a few months away from the launch of the new iPhone 13 lineup, and it seems like we're finally going to see the notch get smaller. We have received several reports, rumors, and predictions claiming Apple can finally solve the problem that started in 2017. The solution does not include changes to the design...

How to open the SIM card tray without a SIM tool

AndroidPIT sim tray tools to open 2214
Do you remember where you keep your SIM eject tool? Do you know those little metal objects that you occasionally get with a new phone? No, neither do I, but don't despair. Luckily for you and me, I sneaked into the SIM card slot and microSD card slot several times. Here are some handy...

OnePlus Nord to Samsung Galaxy M42 5G which is the best phone to buy under Rs. 30,000?

oneplus nord image gadgets 360 1621000753574
OnePlus, Realme, Samsung and Xiaomi - all of India's leading smartphone companies have started paying attention to the Rs. 30,000 price segment these days. This comes years after everyone struggled to attract the masses in more affordable brackets. Last year, OnePlus tried to disrupt the Rs. 30,000 segment with the OnePlus Nord. Many...

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