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HUAWEI is consistently expanding its AppGallery with apps and services. The latest addition to the HUAWEI App Store is the popular grocery delivery service. Bolt Food. It is now available for European HUAWEI users on AppGallery. Bolt has been available on AppGallery since last summer and was one of the first major brands to join AppGallery. It should have enjoyed great popularity with consumers, delivering nearly 4 million app distributions on the platform.

Bolt, the company best known for its popular hail service, which became available on AppGallery last summer, is now offering its grocery delivery service Bolt Food available throughout Europe. The company has built a solid reputation for being one of the fastest, most secure, and most reliable services available, and is characterized by competitive affordability.

Inclusion in the AppGallery gave Bolt the opportunity to grow its customer base by taking advantage of HUAWEI’s wide range of smartphone users. AppGallery is now the third largest app marketplace in the world with 530 million monthly active users (MAUs) and is growing 61.5% year over year to more than 42 million users in Europe.

According to HUAWEI, there have been more than 2,000 requests for users on board Bolt Food on AppGallery. Bolt Food has a presence in Twenty countries have seen significant and rapid growth and only took one year to scale up unlike several years that took their competitors. The service has now been expanded to a total of 40 cities in Europe and Africa. Unlike other take-away apps, Bolt has a huge advantage in that deliveries are predictable, faster, and more reliable.

Bolt Food is the first regional take-away app fully integrated with HMS. The app is the latest in a growing number of high profile apps designed or customized specifically for millions of consumers using Huawei’s latest HMS devices such as the P40 or Mate 40 or Mate 30 series.

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