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Screenshot 2021 04 21 at 12.13.40 AM

The new 11-inch iPad Pro is here and brings many upgrades over the previous generation device. Although it doesn’t come with a MiniLED display like the 12.9-inch version, the latest 11-inch iPad Pro is packed with features. It’s powered by the same silicon that the MacBook Pro runs on – Apple M1 – and it now supports 5G, a Thunderbolt port, and more. It comes with an 8-core CPU and an 8-core GPU with next-generation Neural Engine and up to 16 GB of RAM. If you’re planning on buying one or upgrading to the latest version, you might want a keyboard case to help you be more productive. We have compiled a list of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 11 inch.

    Apple Magic Keyboard

    The Magic Keyboard is the perfect companion for the new M1 iPad Pro. It offers the best typing experience ever on the iPad and a trackpad that opens up new possibilities for working with iPadOS.

    Logitech Folio Touch

    Use all of the multi-touch gesture controls you already love, like swiping, pinching, and scrolling to navigate the iPad Pro even faster.

    Logitech Slim Folio Pro

    Forget about cramped typing on the screen – now you can type quickly and easily with a familiar premium laptop-like keyboard.


    Detachable wireless Bluetooth keyboard with magnet that turns your iPad into a powerful and easy-to-use laptop.


    This keyboard case has multiple slots that can be used to set up multiple horizontal angles for watching movies or typing.

    Levet rotatable

    This backlit tablet holder features laptop-like, well-arranged buttons, quick access buttons and an integrated touchpad for improved control and ease of use.

There are several third-party cases for the M1 iPad Pro, and many more will be launched in the coming weeks. If you are looking for the perfect case with uncompromising functionality and fit, we recommend the official Apple Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Pro 11 inch. There’s a trackpad that opens up new possibilities for working with iPadOS, a USB-C port for charging, backlit buttons, and front and back protection.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a case, we recommend the Logitech Folio Touch case for the iPad Pro 11 inch. It has backlit buttons that automatically adjust to the lighting in your surroundings. If you need more or less light, the brightness levels can be adjusted. There’s a large, well-spaced keyboard with a full set of iPadOS keyboard shortcuts for quick and accurate typing. You also get an adjustable stand with an angular range of 40 °. It’s one of the best third-party keyboard cases for iPad Pro 11-inch.

Wondering if you should upgrade from your previous generation 11-inch iPad Pro? Here are all the differences, and how the 2020 iPad Pro compares to the latest M1 11-inch iPad Pro.

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