google pixel 5 fabric case 1
google pixel 5 fabric case 1

Google Pixel 5 cases
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It can be difficult to choose the best Google Pixel 5 case because there are so many options. Whether you want a sturdy, good looking, heavy duty case, a super slim and stylish case, or something in between like the perfectly balanced Caseology Parallax, these are the best Google Pixel 5 cases available right now.

Caseology Parallax Pixel 5 Case

Safe and stylish::
Caseology Parallax

Personnel selection

This intriguing case guarded my last two pixels with grace, and the colorways for the Pixel 5 are pretty impressive. The aqua green goes perfectly with the green Pixel 5, while burgundy and navy blue spice up the black Pixel 5.

  • From $ 14 on Amazon

  • $ 19 at Walmart

Tudia Dualshield Merge Series Pixel 5 case

Long term protection::
Tudia Dualshield Merge series

If you are looking for a high-performance case without a high-performance price, Tudia has been the first choice for years. The Merge series offers you the impact protection and grip of a flexible TPU sleeve with the robustness of a polycarbonate back.

$ 12 on Amazon

Google Pixel 5 Cloth Case Green

Machine washable::
Google Fabric Case

Google’s cloth sleeves are luxurious and environmentally friendly, made from 70% recycled materials and have a microfiber lining to keep the Pixel 5 in place and scratch-free.

Spigen Liquid Air Pixel 5 case

Structured for the handle::
Spigen Liquid Air

This slim case enhances your new Pixel 5, but offers extra support thanks to its triangular grooves. You still have some air cushions in the corners to protect from drips, but no bulkiness.

$ 13 on Amazon

Totallee Super Thin Pixel 5 case

Forget it there::
Totallee super thin

If you hate falls, Totallee is for you. Clear or black, this ultra-thin Google Pixel 5 case is so thin and comfortable that you forget your phone even has a case attached.

$ 30 on Amazon

Supcase UB Pro Pixel 5 case

Let’s kick it::
Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case for Google Pixel 5

Do you need a heavy-duty case that isn’t just a tank? Supcase built a sturdy stand and screen protector into this sturdy, good-looking case.

  • From $ 20 on Amazon

  • $ 23 at Walmart

Feitenn Google Pixel 5 Wallet Flip Case

Wear everything::
Feitenn Google Pixel 5 flip case

This vibrant folio wallet holds two credit cards and a bill pocket for cash or receipts. The case doubles as a stand and can be closed with narrow magnets so that it doesn’t flutter around accidentally.

$ 11 on Amazon

Anccer Colorful Series Pixel 5 Case

Scratch protection::
Anccer Colorful Series for Google Pixel 5 Case

This super slim Google Pixel 5 case doesn’t give you much drop protection, but it offers more grip and a cool color while protecting your new Pixel from scratches and scrapes at the same time.

From $ 5 on Amazon

Pixel 5 Bellroy leather case

Premium feeling::
Bellroy leather cover

Bellroy is back with another year of mesmerizingly colored premium leather cases for the Pixel 5, including that absolutely stunning “Racing Green” color that makes me want to drive through the countryside.

  • $ 40 on Amazon

  • $ 40 at Bellroy

Caseology Legion Pixel 5 Case

You can’t beat a classic::
Caseology Legion for Pixel 5

This case is much more restrained than the bold colors of parallax, but it will stand the test of time. Legion cases are some of Caseology’s most reliable and I am grateful that they are available for Pixel 5.

  • From $ 15 on Amazon

  • $ 19 at Walmart

OtterBox Defender Series Pixel 5 case

Belt clip included::
OtterBox Defender series

OtterBox is the Kleenex of the phone case world for a reason: It’s damn good at protecting a phone from drops, drops, and the occasional throw. The Defender series is the classic multi-layer OtterBox case that even comes with a belt clip / stand.

$ 60 on Amazon

Ringke Fusion X Pixel 5 Case

Robust, not rough::
Ringke Fusion-X

I’ll be the first to admit I either love or hate this case design, but the Fusion-X is durable, affordable, and just watch the turquoise green pop with the Sorta Sage Pixel 5. The air cushions around this colored bumper also help protect against impact.

  • From $ 8 on Amazon

  • $ 13 at Walmart

Pela Eco Friendly Pixel 5 Case

Sustainable and biodegradable::
Pela eco-friendly phone case

The Pixel 5 is Google’s most sustainable phone to date. So why should you undo all this work with a landfill-bound plastic wrap? These flexible, durable enclosures are biodegradable and sustainably made, and there are even charitable designs available.

  • From $ 30 on Amazon

  • From $ 45 at Pela

Caseme Wallet Pixel 5 case

Hold it together::
Haii leather wallet

Who has to carry a separate wallet when there are such great leathers out there? Available in four colors, you can put two cards plus cash in the envelope, which doubles as a stand.

$ 10 on Amazon

GESMA Pixel 5 Case Green

Everything in one bundle::
GESMA TPU housing with 2 screen protectors made of tempered glass

With this little bundle of joy, which is available in the colors green, blue and black, you can protect all sides of your Pixel 5: there is a non-slip silicone case that prevents and minimizes falls, and not one but two screen protectors made of tempered glass in order to keeping the 90hz screen flawless.

$ 11 on Amazon

What are the best cases for your Pixel 5?

The Google Pixel 5 is one of the best Android phones out there, and it only deserves the best cases to protect it. The Caseology Parallax, in particular, is an excellent Google Pixel 5 case because not only does it offer air-cushion impact protection and a nice lip around the camera, but it also has an undeniable style. Skip the boring black and get something bold like the gold blue navy blue, and the aqua green with a green Pixel 5 looks stunning!

If you need something a little sleeker, we recommend the excellent Anccer Colorful Series, available in a black that goes perfectly with the matte black Pixel 5 and a vibrant blue for those of us who need something cooler. Thin cases also benefit from causing less interference with wireless chargers, which is important as the Pixel 5 has no problem with chargers.

Do you need further suggestions? That’s okay, we have special collections dedicated to the best high performance cases, clear plastic cases, and wallet cases for the Pixel 5 to ensure that no matter your style, there is a case that is perfect for you. While protecting your back, you also need to protect that glass touchscreen with a great screen protector that will keep your screen free from scratches, smudges and the dreaded breaking of a bad drop.

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