google pixel 4a black screen full
google pixel 4a black screen full

Google Pixel 4a screen protectors
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The display of the Pixel 4a is a significant upgrade over its predecessor. The bezels at the top and bottom are so much smaller that we can have a bigger screen in a smaller profile, but that also means that even a tiny crack at the top or bottom could affect the usable part of the screen. We did the research to put together the best Google Pixel 4a screen protectors you can buy!

Supershieldz tempered glass 2-pack Pixel 4a screen protector

Easy to use:
Supershieldz tempered glass (pack of 2)

Personnel selection

Supershieldz has my trust because the book style application process is not only easy enough for my mom, it can withstand rocks, ladders and falls without damaging the screen underneath.

  • $ 7 on Amazon

  • $ 7 at Walmart

OtterBox Amplify Glass Pixel 4a screen protector

Best of the best:
OtterBox Amplify Glass

OtterBox knows how to make a durable case. They worked with Corning – the makers of Gorilla Glass – to create a durable, high quality screen protector in the Amplify that offers greater scratch resistance and great case compatibility.

$ 19 on Amazon

Gesma Tempered Glass Pixel 4a screen protector front and back

Guard the camera too:
GESMA armored glass screen protector and camera protection (pack of 5)

This multipack is perfect for those who tend to drop their cell phone often, as you not only get several spare parts, but in addition to the front glass you also get hard glass protection for the camera module. What use is a pixel with a broken camera?

$ 12 on Amazon

WRJ tempered glass Pixel 4a screen protector

WRJ Anti-Fingerprint Tempered Glass (3-Pack)

If you are extremely tough with your phone – or just being a sucker – you might want to invest in a multi-pack so that you have replacements if the first or second protector breaks here and your Pixel 4a is safe.

$ 6 on Amazon

Omoton Tempered Glass Pixel 4a Screen Protectors

Frame assembly:
OMOTON tempered glass (pack of 4)

This multipack comes with a frame that you slide over your Pixel 4a to reduce the risk of misaligning the glass. This is particularly important here when you consider the cutout for the pinhole camera.

$ 10 on Amazon

InvisibleShield Glass Elite Visionguard Pixel 4a screen protector

Keep germs down:
InvisibleShield Glass +

InvisibleShield doesn’t just protect your phone from scratches and splinters. The Glass + also has an antimicrobial coating. As a reminder, this coating is not strong enough to completely kill COVID or other pathogenic germs on your phone.

$ 25 at Best Buy

Supershieldz Film Pixel 4a screen protector

Do you want a movie:
Supershieldz Clear Shield (6-Pack)

Glass screen protectors offer more sturdy coverage, but some people don’t like the way it can affect responsiveness. If you are one of them, these flexible film protectors offer scratch protection without the bulk.

  • $ 6 on Amazon

  • $ 7 at Walmart

ArmorSuit Pixel 4a screen protector

Keep the glare low:
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Matte Foil

This PET film is thicker than the competition, which means it can withstand more abuse and still heal itself. I’m also a fan of the matte finish on this screen protector as it makes it easier to see the screen with lots of bright reflections.

$ 9 on Amazon

What are the best screen protectors for Pixel 4a?

Screen protectors come in two flavors: we have the thicker, more robust screen protectors made of tempered glass and we have the thinner, more flexible and more adaptable screen protectors. Foil screen protectors provide a better grip on phones with curved screens. Still, we don’t have to worry about such things with a flat panel phone like the Pixel 4a. So if you don’t just have a personal grudge against tempered glass, I’d recommend grabbing the Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 pack. The style that Supershieldz uses to apply their glass protectors is easy to follow and their foils have stood the test of time.

I’m also a fan of the OtterBox Amplify Glass because OtterBox knows how to make great screen protectors that won’t peel off bulkier, heavy-duty cases. The frame installation is easy to follow, and the Amplify Glass is smudge-proof and lasts longer than most of its competitors.

Of course, protecting the front glass is important, but the rest of your phone needs to be protected too! If you’re still using a naked Pixel 4a, we’ve rounded up the best Google Pixel 4a cases so you can hide your shame!

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