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By integrating its U1 chips, Apple prepared the market launch of an item tracker a long time ago. Finally, thanks to the ultra-broadband sensor, you’ve been able to track your AirPods for a while by asking “Where is?” Put. With the AirTag, you can do the same with all kinds of items.

You can put the battery-powered AirTags in your backpack, clipped to your keychain, or on anything else that you don’t normally misplace. You can then access the devices via “Where is?” App. Since this is a very handy feature already, we’d like to further clarify any major questions you may have before parting with your hard-earned cash for the AirTag. If you have a clue about any of the following topics, you can skip straight to the appropriate section.

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  1. Requirements: What do you need to use the AirTag?
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  3. Accessories: a simple keychain or a premium lanyard?
  4. Are there bundled offers?

If you have any further questions about the AirTags, feel free to discuss them in the comments. Of course, when you come across something relevant to everyone NextPit Reader, we will include it in our article.

Requirements: What do you need to use the AirTag?

Basically, all you need to use the AirTags is a compatible iPhone with the “Where is?” App pre-installed. However, the functionality differs from iPhone to iPhone.

The item trackers can be found on all iPhones as well as on iPads and the iPod Touch using the app. For this purpose, Apple depends on an anonymous Bluetooth network, via which the AirTag reports its position to Apple’s server.

iPhones with the U1 chip

These iPhone models can closely track AirTags

Apple iPhone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 Pro max
Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Apple iPhone 12 Pro max
Apple iPhone 12 mini

However, if you want to find your keychain at home, consider using an iPhone with Apple’s U1 chip. Along with the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope, this chip enables the tracker to detect your location with deadly accuracy.

How to buy Apple’s AirTags

When Apple presented the AirTag on April 20 during its keynote “Spring Loaded”, Apple fans had to wait a while for the item trackers to arrive. The official start date was planned for April 30, 2021. This is the day these devices can be ordered from Apple’s own online stores, as well as other third-party online and retail stores. Their prices are as follows:

Apple AirTag: prices at a glance

Single AirTag$ 29.00
Pack of 4 AirTags$ 99.00 ($ 24.75 per AirTag)

Purchase over This is especially worthwhile because you can personalize the trackers with engravings, which makes them an ideal gift for someone you appreciate. You can choose between 31 different emojis or individual texts. You can also check out the following offers from major online retailers:

Of course, you can also find the AirTag in retail stores via Click & Collect or in your local Apple Store. To track availability and warehouse numbers via the coronavirus lock, you can see the overview of all certified Apple dealers.

Accessories – a simple keychain or a premium lanyard?

If you’d clicked any of the shop links from the previous segment, you would have noticed one thing: the AirTag, which you can buy for $ 29 or more, cannot be attached to a keychain. This is because there is no hole available for a key ring. Since this can’t be milled into the tracker, Apple has instead developed accessories to perform a similar function – which, of course, you’ll have to purchase on the side.

Apple Airtag accessories luggage 042021

With Apple’s own accessories, you can hang the AirTags on suitcases, key rings and bags. / © Apple

Official Apple AirTag accessory

The key rings are available from Apple in three different materials, which are further divided into different colors. You’ll have to choose between a leather tag for $ 35, a leather tag for $ 39, and a vegan-friendly polyurethane tag for $ 29. These links take you directly to the tag at Apple:

In addition to Apple’s own accessories, key rings from third-party suppliers are also available at the start. There are slightly cheaper third-party keychains available if you’re willing to settle for something other than the real thing.

AirTag accessories from official Apple partners

Let’s start with the cheapest deals! Belkin sells the cheapest AirTag keychain ever through Apple’s official online store. You have to spend € 12.95 each and can choose between a model with a loop and a model with a key ring.

Now hold onto your debit cards or the Apple Pay app for a moment. Because wherever there is a cheap alternative, there is always something more expensive! In particular the accessories from the fine leather manufacturer Hermès. The high street label offers three models – a keychain, a luggage tag and a bag tag.

After that shock, here’s a little math exercise. Like me, do you keep the keys for your Porsche and the key fob of your Lamborghini separately and do you then regularly switch between the keys for your holiday apartment in Monaco and your summer holiday on the Côte d’Azur? Then you’d have to spit a whopping $ 1,545 on four AirTags, including Hermès leather deals! Good thing we don’t need an expensive luggage tag during the pandemic, right?

Third-party AirTag accessories

Even before you start, you can find inexpensive AirTag accessories on Amazon. The prices for very affordable models start at around € 3. I have selected a few models for you in the listings below. As these are not officially recommended accessories, I cannot confirm suitability or fit. Hence, making these purchases is somewhat risky. But hey, at such rock bottom prices, you might find some bargains here.

Last but not least, here is a tip that most people will likely forget when buying AirTags: The item trackers are battery operated and use CR2032 cells. Although Apple claims a year of battery life with daily use, now is the time to prepare:

Lastly, I want to mention a topic that is sure to become important in the future when you think of AirTags! The availability of bundled offerings that can help you reduce the total cost of ownership.

Are there bundled offers?

Currently (April 27, 2021) Apple itself has not published any bundled offers for AirTag including official key rings. However, I would justify a guess that authorized dealers such as Gravis will offer an AirTag with new iPhones at the latest. Or maybe to buy trackers directly that include accessories.

As soon as we find out more bundles for you, we’ll expand this article to keep it updated and up to date. So provide me with the latest offers in the comments!

How interested are you in the AirTags? Have you already bought some or are you experienced with alternatives such as Tile devices?

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