1621646044 Apple M1 MacBook Air review 01
1621646044 Apple M1 MacBook Air review 01

We keep making great savings at Amazon.com, where we put the latest M1-powered MacBook Air up for sale. This laptop is currently getting a $ 49 discount on its gold and silver colorways, so it’s up for grabs at $ 950 on its 256GB option with 8GB of RAM. But for the best savings, go with the Space Gray model, which sells for $ 949 after a discount of $ 50.

If you want to expand your storage to 512GB, the gold variant is the best option as it is currently at a $ 100 discount and can be won at $ 1,149. The Silver and Space Gray models are also on sale but sell for $ 189 and $ 191 with savings of $ 60 and $ 58, respectively.

And if you happen to want to get a new MacBook Air with an Intel processor, you can still get the variant for early 2020 that comes with a 1.1 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD is Space Gray for $ 980 after a discount of $ 119.

    M1 MacBook Air
    Intel MacBook Air

Now, any of these new MacBook Air variants would look stunning on the SHW 55-inch high-height computer desk. This amazing home office option is currently getting a $ 188 discount, which means you can get yours in Black or Oak for $ 211.53, or the Cherry variant for $ 280 with a $ 80 savings.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new computer desk, however. You can use your current top on the Autonomous Edition Hybrid Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame in Gray for $ 264.70 with a savings of $ 31. And if you’re looking for a dirt cheap desk, you can get a 47-inch computer desk for $ 9 after getting a $ 37 discount. The Coavas Folding Desk is also on sale and you can get this 40-inch Desi for $ 42.49 with a $ 17.39 savings.

    SHW 55-inch electric height-adjustable computer desk
    Autonomous Edition Hybrid Dual Motor Electric standing desk frame
    Coava's folding desk

Make your workspace better with an LED desk lamp that sells now for 23.50 after a $ 14.04 discount and 10 percent extra savings when you add the on-page coupon. The best part is that it has a wireless charger, USB charging port, and eight levels of brightness with five different color modes. The Govee Smart LED bedside lamp is on sale too, and you can get one for $ 60 if you add the $ 10 discount coupon. This nice looking lamp works with your favorite smart assistant and you can control it with your phone too.

    LED desk lamp
    Govee Smart LED bedside lamp

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