Apple appears ready to save diabetics large sums of money and plenty of pain
Apple appears ready to save diabetics large sums of money and plenty of pain

We told you about it about a week ago The new health function for the Apple Watch Series 7 is to be presented next September. According to reports Apple will be adding a blood glucose meter with the next iteration of its watch. This feature tells the user how much sugar is in their blood and helps insulin dependent diabetics get the correct dose of insulin before each meal.

Apple publishes a poll that shows it’s serious about adding a blood glucose meter to the next Apple Watch

Currently, diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar use a device called a glucometer and draw blood by pricking their fingers. It’s painful for a number of reasons, including cutting your finger to get the blood sample. The blood is then placed on expensive test strips (the price of the strips is the second painful aspect of using a glucometer to get a blood sugar reading.
This is not something that insulin dependent diabetics can skip; If you take too much insulin before a meal, you may pass out and fall into a coma. If you don’t take enough insulin, your internal organs can become affected by the disease.

Apple will reportedly shine an infrared light from the back of the Apple Watch through the user’s skin to determine the level of sugar in the blood. No expensive test strips, no blood drawing before each test. If a blood glucose meter can be added to the Apple Watch, it can take the world’s leading smartwatch to a new level.

We heard a similar rumor about Apple adding a blood glucose meter to the Apple Watch for about two to three years, but today Apple did something that led us to believe that this feature will be available as early as this year, the Series 7 Apple Watch . The tech giant sent a survey to Apple Watch users in Brazil. 9to5Mac shared the contents of the survey asking about using third-party apps to track workouts, meals, blood sugar and more.
A report earlier this year found that Apple was testing “reliability and stability”. the blood glucose test. Apple has patented non-invasive methods for testing a user’s blood sugar levels. According to reports, Samsung is also working on the same thing pointing out how important this could be for diabetics, Apple, Samsung, and the companies that sell glucometers, test strips, and the tools that make a blood sample as painless as possible.

It’s not uncommon for Apple to use polls to gauge consumer reactions. For example, last year Apple asked iPhone users what they were doing with the battery adapter that came with the iPhone. Shortly after that, Apple dropped the rock and the iPhone 12 series came without one in the box.

If you are diabetic and inject insulin several times a day, keep reading this story. What Apple decides is very important to your health and your wallet or pocketbook.


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