NextPit apple music spotify
NextPit apple music spotify

Apple is improving the quality of its music streaming service and will soon be offering its subscribers some kind of HiFi option. This option is called “Lossless Audio” and will be available to Apple Music customers in the entire music catalog for more than 75 million songs at no extra charge starting in June.

  • Apple announces new option “Lossless Audio”.
  • This brings music streaming in 24-bit at 192 kHz.
  • The option is activated free of charge for all Apple Music customers.

The codec that Apple uses for this is called ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) and it promises to reproduce the artists recorded in the studio in sound quality. To play Apple Music with lossless audio (24 bit at 192 kHz), subscribers must have the latest version of the player and activate the corresponding option under Settings> Music> Audio Quality. There you can also define different resolutions for different connections, e.g. B. Mobile, WLAN or download.

iPhone 12 lossless

The new Lossless option will appear right in the Apple Music app. / © Apple

Apple is also bringing 3D audio to Apple Music with support for Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos gives the impression that sound comes from all directions. Apple introduced this option for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max a few weeks ago. Movies purchased from Apple already support this sound option.

At the start, Apple says that several thousand songs from curated lists can be heard in 3D audio. But in the future it should give artists the opportunity to produce and record songs directly in Dolby Atmos so that the library grows quickly.

And Spotify?

Amazon also announced today that its music library is now available in HD quality at no additional cost. Music Unlimited is $ 10 per month or $ 8 per month for Prime members. A few weeks ago Spotify had already announced a hi-fi version of the offer with a bonus for the race.

Can the Swedes continue this plan if the two giants compete against each other, or will they have to give the hi-fi option to customers for free as well?

My personal opinion

I prefer not to miss 3D audio for movies on iPad anymore. I can’t yet say how it is with music. Will you really be able to hear the differences that clearly? In this case, Spotify has no choice but to switch its offer to HiFi at no extra charge.

Apple takes a very aggressive approach and tries to differentiate its offerings from the competition in terms of quality. I’m almost sorry for Spotify – finally a European company that managed to play at the top. The new Apple deal I think has the power to hurt the Swedes.

Apple Airpods max

Apple’s hi-fi headphones are finally getting the feed they were designed for! / © Apple

Then there is Tidal – the streaming service that effectively invented HD audio streaming. Here you get 24-bit master quality at 192 kHz, but you also pay $ 19.99 per month. In terms of price, Apple Tidal is also significantly undercutting.

Of course, we Apple customers can only be happy about that. I am definitely looking forward to the new sound option and am curious to see whether the sound experience is really audible.

And now I am interested in your opinion: what do you think?


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