Apple hosts apps of a paramilitary group that is carrying out genocide against the Uyghurs

A report surfaced from The information ((discussed by Apple Insider), revealing that Apple is hosting over a dozen apps by a Chinese paramilitary group at the forefront of the Uyghur genocide.

The Uyghur genocide is the collective term for ongoing human rights violations in the Xinjiang region of China since 2014, where the Chinese Communist Party has forced Uyghur Muslims into labor camps, disregarded legal processes and upholds general secrecy about its treatment of illegal prisoners. The horrors of the Uighurs include compulsory sterilization as well as abuse and imprisonment.

The apps in question were developed by various departments of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the paramilitary group that oversees the Xinjiang region. The group has already been blacklisted in the United States. American companies are not allowed to work with Xinjiang Production, Construction Corps and related organizations.
Just a day before the allegation, Facebook discovered and blocked Chinese hackers – possibly the same Xinjiang developers – before attempting to infect Uyghur Muslims living abroad with illegal surveillance bugs. CNBC reported.

If the exposure about Apple gains media attention, the tech giant may face pressure to remove the related apps from the App Store. Apple’s only comment after the discovery was that the apps comply with US law and are not blacklisted. The hesitation is hardly surprising given that other Western companies opposing the horrors of Xinjiang have faced serious retaliation by the CCP.

For one thing, H&M was just dealt a severe blow by the Chinese government when it decided to stop sourcing cotton from the Xinjiang region, where over a million Uighur Muslims were forced to do hard labor – mainly cotton production. Angry, China responded to H & M’s decision this Thursday by deleting every H&M location from all map applications (including Apple and Google Maps) and removing them from e-commerce, ride-hail or daily deals apps put out. If you try to search for an H&M store on your phone in China, you will not find anything. It’s like H&M disappeared from the country overnight.

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